Stem Cell Revision

I guess I’ll open up the flood gate to some criticism and make mention to the recent signing of legislation that removes some of the barriers regarding embryonic stem cell research. I don’t even have to mention who is against it, but I just would like to say that it’s not as reckless as some want you to believe. I think USA Today provides a good Q&A analysis of the primarily arguments of the revision. Click to read the USA Today article.

The one comment that I believe rings loudest comes from a person cherished by many who are in opposition to the revision.

I’m very grateful that President Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. These new rules will now make it possible for scientists to move forward.” – Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Now I would love to know which Republican is going to be the first to speak ill against their political ideological matriarch.

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8 thoughts on “Stem Cell Revision

  1. It is very clear the the so-called Conservatives would rather see Billions of People die from disease rather than having a Healthy working productive society.

    Now lets go to the Moral issue, They say it is killing a baby, But according to their beliefs the only way to have a child is the natural way, So to implant an embryo into a Woman by their thoughts is immoral, Wouldn’t it?

    I will say this again. I really think that Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave because of the direction the Conservatives have taken this country.

    1. 😀 Uh Oh Dem Fightin’ Words. I think Rush or even worse Eric Cantor is coming.

      Seriously, thanks for the comment. I’m sure I’m going to make some more people mad with what I have to say tomorrow.

  2. Interesting post, Tim. Have to agree with your poster Larry’s last sentence too. Also have to applaud former First Lady Nancy Reagan too for her open mind and respect for research. Have a great evening sir.

    1. What’s up Al.

      Like I’ve said many times before, I think there are some good Republicans and there are some issues where I find myself in agreement with the GOP more on. I just think what is happening to the party now is wild. The Republican Party is going through what the Democratic Party went through a few years ago. They’ll get it together, but at what cost is the question. I hope some of the more moderate conservatives prevail to become the dominate voice of the party. I thought Michael Steele was a turn in that direction, but… If nothing else have someone take the mic away from the Rush Limbaugh crowd of the party.

      I understand the argument against the research, but I honestly think the President offered the ethical context of his consideration to overturn the ban. I think there’s a place for science as long as it doesn’t get into cloning, but I think even if someone tried it wouldn’t work. But that gets into another theory.

      Thanks for reading my recent post.

  3. And of course, if they don’t want to listen to Nancy (lol), ol’ Babs, matriarch of the dumbest family on earth, just had successful heart surgery made possible by, you guessed it, stem cell research.

    I could write 100 pages on the hypocrisy involved there. And another 100 on the ills of wasting perfectly good stem cells.

    Let’s hope the stem cells don’t reject her. I know I would if I were them.

    But yeah, that was a good move by our President. Another campaign promise kept.

  4. I’ll toss this idea into the ring.

    Last month’s comemoration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, but forth any many antievolutionists who are filled with misconceptions, thus sparking me to wonder: how could anyone be against something they don’t know about? Hmmm … I wonder the same about stem cells.

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