The Standard of the Man (Part 2)


Head of Household

Many of the problems we encounter are of our own doing and lack of adequate examples. When a conversation comes around to the problems or confusion with women I want you to listen closely to what isn’t said. We all know of some no good women out there, but what are you doing with them?

When I listen to married men talk about what their wives I listen to what they are not saying. The things their wife will not let them do. It’s always interesting to listen to men talk about what they won’t let their wives do or tell them what they can’t do. Sometimes it’s funny and I understand when they are not serious, but some of these guys believe what they’re saying at times.

I remember one time I acted out the tantrum that Jackie Gleason would have on “The Honeymooners” with my wife when she really got on my last nerves. It was the only way I knew to defuse the situation and keep both of us from saying something stupid and hurtful to each other. We realized our collective stubbornness and got a chuckle out of it. Plus I’m basically silly when I’m home and she’s virtually impossible to make laugh.

King of My Castle

Many of us have heard this phrase before, “I’m the one paying the bills and taking care of everything all she do is…” Each time I hear that I quietly shake my head, because I wonder if they ever considered what they are not doing? Does she smile when she thinks about you or does she just tries to keep busy? You may technically be the head of your household, but too many men get a ‘big head’ over that title.

Being the head of household brings responsibility. It means you lead, protect, provide and serve those within that household, not the opposite. They are suppose to love, respect and honor you, but it’s hard to do that if you are not doing your part.

Mancho Man

I know it’s getting more difficult to provide in this economy and even harder to protect what you do have. This is the time to show leadership as the head of your household and demonstrate restraint. You can not buy that motorcycle part just yet if you wife needs a dress. If you have to spend it instead of saving then blow it on taking you’re your daughter on a date so she knows how a boy is suppose to treat her. Take your son to the movies or some game, he would cherish that more than watching you in the garage or outside working alone. If you’re not married why not spend a day with a family member that doesn’t get to see you often. You’ll be surprise the impact it has.

Manly Man

You don’t have to always be about the latest sports stats, the newest or coolest power tool, the supped up or cleanest car or the most money to be a manly man. Pay attention to your family and those who love and appreciate you. If you have a wife, then pay attention to her. Listen to what you don’t feel like listening to and show general interest. I know we’re tempted to fix it and the solution may be right in there face, but don’t fix it until she asks. Look your son in his eyes and tell him that you love him and appreciate him. Hug your daughter and tell her than you love her. You can admire your children without spoiling them.

Love Yourself

One thing I haven’t mentioned is focusing on your needs, wants and desires. Now I know where your mind just went and your body does have needs, wants and desires. If you don’t take care of yourself who’s going to want or desire anything you have? I’m talking to myself on this one.

Although I don’t get sick that often I have started to go to the doctor at least for a regular check-up. Depending on your family history or even cultural tendencies you may need to pay closer attention to some things when it comes to your health.

Now I’m not look forward to a particular test that men have to endure as they get older. Oh God, I’m already uncomfortable thinking about it. I pray that there’s some other way that it can be checked before I have to do it because I rather do yard work during the Super Bowl than have this done. I’m not going to nag you on this one, but lets start exercising more and eating better. Go to the doctor on a regular basis. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Finally, take some time for yourself each day. It doesn’t have to be hours, but make it longer than five minutes. Just allocate some time for yourself each day to do something that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is. It may be… writing a blog, learning how to play golf or listening to music, but just take some time for yourself and use it wisely.

I thank those of you who actually read what I had to say. I apologize for it being a little long, but like many things I have a lot to say. Perhaps someone may gain something from this or remix it into something of their own. Either way I hope you enjoy.

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