The Choice is Yours

So here we go again with another P.R. scampaign. This time it’s regarding the Employee Free Choice Act. Many Republicans in Congress would like you to believe that it is Democrats payback for Union support or it will eliminate the ‘Secret Ballot’. After reading the bill I must say that something is fishy, but it isn’t what some want you to believe.

Here’s one of the publicized arguments against the bill:

Some believe that it would eliminate the secret ballot, but that is incorrect. According to the Committee on Education & Labor they state that the Employee Free Choice Act does not abolish the NLRB election process. That process would still be available.” (Fact vs. Myth)

The Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis briefly explains that the Employee Free Choice will help employees who choice to unionize a little easier and able the ability to negotiate better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

In order to make this a reality many of us will find ourselves fighting an ideological battle with conservatives. This fight will only intensify as Employee Free Choice vote nears.

The talk of Armageddon, nuclear war and the demise of a civilization according to the CEOs of front groups and certain members of Congress the fabric of our nation may well fall apart, all because of the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s the Unionization of Y2K paranoia from the usual GOP No Men is ridiculous, because they omit debating the merits of the bill, and instead resort to hyperbolic vitriol intended to inflame the public and press.

In reality, the Employee Free Choice Act is a bipartisan, common sense economic recovery for working families that will pump billions into our nation’s economy. But I guess we can expect more of this because to it follows the strategy of NO and anything to bring down poll numbers for Speaker Pelosi.

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2 thoughts on “The Choice is Yours

  1. The Heritage Foundation.
    Talk about a cesspool of conservanoid propaganda.

    Edwin Meese: One of the most prolific Fascists of our time.
    Iran-Contra, bedroom police, Bob Jones University racism against blacks and the Reagan Admin’s support of that racism.

    Robert Alt: Vile little Right Wing scumbag who writes regular columns for the NY Post.

    Heritage Foundation has no credibility whatsoever. In fact, the roof should be removed from the building so it can be fill with boiling oil. And that would be far too merciful a fate for the likes of them.

    I’m glad you read the legislation. I was going to read it in depth, but if Edwin Meese and Robert Alt are against it it has to be perfect for the people.

    Well done.

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