Saving the Greenbacks

I guess when you actually have a plan that can not be reduced to the proposal of some that consists of doing nothing and allowing several fortune 500 companies to fail, you begin to feel optimistic.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress in February that the prospects for the recession ending this year and a recovery taking root in 2010 hinges on the difficult task of getting banks to lend more freely again and getting the financial markets to work more normally.

It’s difficult to dispute and for some to accept that the ‘wild west’ environment that was previously in place for years along with the lack of some enforced regulations aimed at protecting the consumer instead of the company the severity of this current crisis may not be so hard. It’s not the fault of on single administration or ideology. The philosophy of government is the problem has landed those who followed that policy to ask the government for help.

Face it, that philosophy along with elected officials on all sides who promoted an ideological agenda of the other side is trying to ruin the country has almost ruin the country. Republicans are as much to blame for this mess as is Democrats.

If the roof is on fire you don’t sit there and argue about who caused the fire or who can best put the fire out. You shut-up and work together to put the fire out. This is one way to look at the recession we’re in. One side is chanting, ‘the roof is on fire’, but the other side is arguing that ‘we don’t need no water let the…burn’. Now how stupid is this?

What President Obama and his administration are working to accomplish is to save the house walk from these failed policies.

In addition to the difficult task of fixing what others broke? The are faced with the task of convincing everyday people that they matter and to believe in the ingenuity, determination and tenacity that America promises. You have to get use to the fact that we now have an Administration that doesn’t think you’re stupid, but we have to act as if we’re not stupid. I know some Republicans are still upset and some Democrats are happy, but let us stop the non-sense campaigning against each other and start campaigning for each other.

When the Fed Chairman was asked about the biggest potential dangers now, Ben Bernanke suggested a lack of “political will” to solve the financial crisis. Now I really could get partisan for a moment, but I really don’t think I need to say anything because it has already been well established and publicized of who doesn’t want the President or his policies to succeed. So why should I beat a dead elephant, I mean horse.

We all have the right to be upset, but let’s stop fighting each other and fight what caused this to happen again.

So as we watch the spin machines rev up on both sides you may wonder who will benefit politically from a recovering recession?

If you are seeking to gain political points in the shadow of the 2010 mid-term elections just think about what you’re doing. If your position prevails doesn’t that mean you are endorsing the worsening of an already bleak situation and failure of the current agenda in order to gain power again? There’s no need to be in a Rush to say that you’re not, if your actions says otherwise.

If you are among those who are in support of the current efforts to walk us out of this mess in hopes that it will benefit your candidate in 2010 I just want to advise you to be careful. Although this is a coalition of liberals and moderate conservatives let’s not be so eager to count our eggs before they’ve hatched. It can still fail. The lack of will of some if not proven ill may prevail.

The difficult task for those who publicly oppose everything to campaign honestly against something when what they opposed may actually help move us towards better days. We may not always agree on the tactics, but when the fire is still raging there is no time to fight each other because the fire will win each time. Once this fire is put out there are many other fires we got to help put out.

I hope the Fed Chairman is correct, not necessarily for political reasons but for reasons that we all may benefit from. At least there’s some in Washington willing to speak and work honestly.

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One thought on “Saving the Greenbacks

  1. First of all, I love the fire analogy.

    In terms of the liberal-moderate coalition. Whenever two groups get together, separation is a threat. I see the potential of the moderates leaving. My first warning sign is when I noticed the independents stance on the stimulus bill was 50-50. To me that should tell Dem leaders something.

    On the other hand, where are the discouraged moderates to go? Surely not to the GOP when currently lacks credibility. These are certainly interesting times.

    Well done Tim!

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