American International Gangsters

I’m not speaking about some new movie or even some mysterious organization of gangsters’ American branch. I’m talking about the company AIG (American International Group). You know who they are. They’re the company that helps mess things up in addition to some on Wall Street.

There are many times that I’ve worked for companies that could not offer a bonus for the work that I’ve done and the time saving procedures I’ve designed or modified. To basically be a contributor to the crisis the company and the country finds itself in and receive a bonus calls for more of an explanation than it’s in our contract.

I’m sure someone who refuses to accept President Obama on any reason will find issue or simply not believe the President’s intentions in the statements made in the video clip above, but you have to join him and the majority of people in their anger over the most recent hypocrisy of AIG.


3 thoughts on “American International Gangsters

  1. The public is firing on AIG. I watched their chief, Mr. Liddy, in front of the congressional hearing yesterday. He held his own, meanwhile as the committee members grandstanded the outrage. Believe me, I’m not supporting the company!

    1. You’re going to love what I have set for tomorrow in regards to AIG.

      I would even consider working for just the amount of one of their bonuses. Not to get into detail of what I do for a living, but I would love to have just one of the databases I’ve built to bring me a bonus of even a half a million. I would be happy with that. I’ve spoken with former co-workers of mine that still use those databases built more than 3 years ago with not one single issue. Now I’m sure that has saved my former company some level of compensation. Where’s my bonus?

      Anyway, I guess I’m in the wrong industry. Perhaps I really should get into insurance so I can lie and cheat my way into a fortune. Perhaps I’m too honest to actually go through with that. But for a $4 Million bonus I could modify or lower my moral standards. (I’m just kidding) It would take more than $4 Million. 🙂

  2. Breaking News from “It Is High It Is Far it is–CAUGHT”

    WASHINGTON–Key Congressional officials announced a new plan last night to get that taxpayer-funded bonus money back from AIG executives.

    Return the ill-gotten loot to Uncle Sam pronto, or be forced to attend all the remaining World Baseball Classic games in person.

    A staffer who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity said “we want these fat cats [who refuse to give their bonus back] to fill up the empty seats and watch their favorite major leaguers risk injury in meaningless games.”

    Under the draft proposal, each participating AIG executive would be flown to the WBC games on luxury executive jets and stay in five-star hotels, all paid for by the U.S. government.

    “Even with those expenses, our plan will save the taxpayers significant money,” the staffer said.

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