Bloody Liberals

Here we go with this yahoo, Jim David Adkisson. This is the idiot who was inspired by Bernard Goldberg’s list featured on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly last year. So Mr. Adkisson decided to shoot up people attending church because he knew he couldn’t get to the people on Mr. Goldberg’s list.

Now I will be the first to admit that there are extremist or how John McCain said during his 2008 Presidential Campaign, ‘fringe people’ on both sides of the political spectrum. This is why you should always be aware of what you present and who you may be unintentionally influencing. It’s one thing to be passionate about an issue, but realize where you should make your distinction between passion and paranoia. We all are extremist by some measure, but what sort of extremist would you rather be?

Allow me to clearly say that I am absolutely no fan of FOX News or Bill O’Reilly. To borrow a phrase that is use disingenuously by a certain news organization, I will try to be ‘fair and balance’ with my assertions in the analysis of this next point. Although there is a bias on my part towards Bill O’Reilly, I simply place him in the same category as Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh.

When I hear of someone like Bill O’Reilly promotes a list of someone who was the motivation for Mr. Adkisson’s killing spree that occurred in an East Tennessee church. You have to ask both Bill O’Reilly and Bernard Goldberg what level of responsibility do you have in the broadcasting and approval of a message that now has been implicated as a killer’s motivation for his killing spree? What lunatic will be inspired by your latest representation of a liberal hit list that was produced, promoted and aired by Mr. O’Reilly’s guest this past Monday (03/16/09), Bernard Goldberg?

The standard message of many people on the far right, they will have you believe that liberals are destroying the fabric of society and have ruin the world. I guess the situation we find ourselves in was all caused by liberals too. The conservative philosophy and all other Republican virtues are immune and must be found completely innocent. I know its ridiculous, but that’s the message many want you to believe.

Progressive & Liberal Democrats are not the problem, although they are not immune either. But it makes me wonder who taught them to promote such a narrow-minded point-of-view?

Let’s pray that there isn’t another person listening to Bill O’Reilly & Bernard Goldberg this week that get the crazy idea to act on this list or better yet decides to follow the philosophy of Mr. Adkisson.

When Mr. Adkisson entered the Unitarian Universalist Church with 50 shotgun cartridges he told police that he planned to kill every adult in the sanctuary, but would spare the children because they also were “victims.” Then he came down with misguided patriotism and added that he “regret that I have but one life to give for my country; I hope I start a movement.”

Well Mr. Adkisson, that movement was started hundreds of years ago, some can even say thousands if you take the concept globally. Many have died by the hands of ignorance, hate and fear by inadequate, morally bankrupt individuals with the same delusional messianic complex you possess.

The most difficult thing a liberal can do is lend the same open mindedness towards individuals such as Mr. Adkisson, O’Reilly and Goldberg, but I guess liberalism isn’t so bad, because these individuals still have the freedom to ambitiously promote their propaganda for how we all should be.

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2 thoughts on “Bloody Liberals

  1. The mullahs speak, the terrorists kill.
    No difference between the Right Wing and the Taliban. The only reason they’re not attacking hippies, gays, blacks, Mexicans (or whoever isn’t exactly like them) in the streets is because of the Second Amendment (God bless it).

    This tree hugger has a gun too. 😉

    For real, dude. The difference is this…
    Sure, there are extremes on both sides of the political spectrum. But the Right “extreme” is bad for the country and the people. The Left “extreme” is good for the country and the people. Therein lies the difference.

    These are not two sides with “different views”. The Right Wing is wrong. Their policies create and nourish misery, deceit, and social perdition.
    We saw this in New Orleans, failure in Iraq, failure in Afghanistan, seven years of failure on the Mexican border, our economy, our environment…

    The Left has never caused anywhere near the amount of direct harm the Right has caused from Adolph Hitler to George Bush and all the lunatics in between.
    We have caused harm (re: SLA). That is unfortunate, but
    sometimes we’re left with little choice. But there are no Jim Adkissons in Liberal America. That type of creature exists only on the Right.

    Conservatism is not a view, it’s a state of mental impairment. The damage is there for all to see.

    Hope you’re well, Tim.

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