Exterminate White People?

Since it never fails to happen I want to help those who may only read the title and comment without reading what I have to say. Please read what I have written before commenting or going off on me. Those who have visited this blog often can assume the position that I’m going to take when I heard the following.


Now I don’t know how I missed this one, but after listening to this I can not let this one go unchecked. So with all due respect, please allow me to offer my suggestions on this one.

Mr. Kambon, I understand your frustration with how many non-White people are treated in this country and throughout the world. It can never be honestly disputed that there has been vast inequities charged against many people. Unfortunately it has been at the hands of White people, SOMETIMES.

Specifically in the case of the United States, the government has promoted, allowed, overlooked, perpetuated and preyed on many of its citizens in the name of liberty and justice for all. The world does have groups; organizations, theories and a system that has helped give some groups of people a false sense of superiority by their conduct or silence. But to suggest that the only solution is to exterminate White people is backwards.

Be patient with me on this one. I’m trying not to miss anything.

If we are to take the claim that the only solution is to exterminate all White people this is where I have one of many issues. To do that, would that mean that we are just as bad as the one we are to kill? How is this action any different than the actions of other hate groups or religious extremist that target Blacks, Jews, Latino, Asian and Homosexuals?

After my initial shock of your statement, the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Public Enemy offered some guidance in dealing with this old idea of killing groups of people. “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

I wonder what the people in Sudan would have to say about your analysis.

Now I absolutely can not stand Sean Hannity. I personally think very little of Sean Hannity and think he’s a waste of bad air, so you can understand how much it pains me to say this. I have to ag…agr… sigh… breath, alright I can do this. I have to agr… hold up I think I think I’m going to throw up… aaa-g-r-e-e with Sean Hannity on this one.

I can and have named many White people who have done many positive things on behalf of Black people. Just last moth I basically gave a brief history lesson titled “Whites in Black History”. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign I repeatedly found myself warning against the trap of racism however as subtle it may have been. The first blog post of this year was titled “Your Friendly Neighborhood Negro” which focused on race and racism. I warned on multiple occasions about the use of race when it came to Roland Burris. Just last week I wrote about Discrimination. I have written about this subject often and each time I try to explain why you shouldn’t take the position of the hater, even if you’re the hated.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.

Yes, there are some White people today who simply just don’t get it and may never fully understand the damage done by some of their ancestors. But it is not all and it is unfair to even blame all White people for the sins of their forefathers. There are many Blacks, Latino, Asians, Christians and Muslims in many of the societies of the world today that has committed similar notorieties against there own people too.

Hate is not bound to a single group. White people are not the sole proprietors of discrimination. If I remember correctly wasn’t it by the hands of Black men that ended the life of Malcolm X. It was the hands of a mentally deranged Black woman in Harlem that plunged that letter opener into the chest of Martin Luther King.

This hatred towards any group, not just Whites is self defeating. I understand how it feels to be discriminated against, not only because of race, but on class and education regardless of how subtle or unintentional it may be. But you must not walk around every waking moment of your life perpetuating a form of an inferiority complex with a superiority complex. Let me briefly explain that. Individuals who display a sort of superiority complex actually are suppressing their inferiority complex. I have to make myself better than you combat the low esteem I have for myself. The truth is that we are all victims and the victimizers. None of us is immune to the wicked ploys that psychologically plague our societies.

The same things that’s wrong with White people is the same thing that’s wrong with Black people, that’s the same thing wrong with Asians, that’s the same thing wrong with Latinos, that’s the same thing wrong with Christians, that’s the same thing wrong with Gays/Lesbians, that’s the same thing wrong with Muslims, that’s the same thing wrong with Jews and any other group I’ve missed. We just want to be acknowledged, treated with respect and loved for who we are and not for who or what we’re not. Once everyone figures this out then we can fix the problems of the world.

So if you want to exterminate someone, let’s exterminate hatred. Let’s exterminate bigotry and discrimination. Let’s exterminate radical extremism in all cultural, religious and political beliefs. If we do this, then exterminating anyone on the basis of race, religion, politics, disability, age, color or sexual orientation would leave the world virtually empty.

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9 thoughts on “Exterminate White People?

  1. Once I watched the Kambon video, I had a sense where you were going with this … good news is that I got it right. Well done Tim … the last two paragraphs say a lot!

    After listening to this again I forgot to add one thing to the post. Hurricane Katrina did not target a single group of people. I remember New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagen make a cultural reference to the Big Easy being the other Chocolate City (Funkadelic Reference), but it was just that a cultural reference that isn’t completely true. Yes, N.O. has or had a large number of Blacks there, but there were many Whites, Cajuns, Latinos and Blacks who were among the dead. I hate the fact that any of them had to die.

    I’m not too keen on the governments response either, which included both Republicans and Democrats. Stop the blame game people. I think Bush did a terrible job and he has a measurement of blame in the response, but he’s not the only one to blame.

    White people did not and can not cause a hurricane or any other natural disaster other than George W. Bush, Dick Cheney & Karl Rove. But you can’t blame the entire race for that either. If so, there’s plenty of Black people I don’t won’t to be held accountable for. How would I explain Alan Keyes? I can’t he’s crazy. How will some of my friends explain Rush Limbaugh? That’s not even fair, he’s an idiot.

    I joke a little here, but you get my point. There was another guy who wanted to exterminate people in Germany a few decades ago. Matter-of-fact there was a Black man in Uganda who was doing the same thing a few years ago. Hollywood even made a film about it called Hotel Rawanda. Difficult movie to watch, but true story. So before we start wanting to exterminate people lets think about the effects of genocide and suggesting it first.

  3. Tim,

    Wonderful post and additional comment! It touched me personally when you mentioned both Sudan and Rawanda….as I’d spent considerable time in both nations. Your statement that some people “just don’t get” is beyond accurate. It still makes no sense to me some of the rhetoric we hear decade after decade.

    I remember LONG ago when I was told that we are responsible for the information we know…yet, I contend that we are responsible for the information we have “available” to us. How in these days of uncertainty can anyone feign ignorance?


    1. Hello Michelle,

      I’ve been criticized and called some ‘colorful’ names because I refuse to stand by and allow anyone regardless of their race, religion or authority to speak hatred unchecked in front of me. I can’t stop anyone from thinking what they want to think. I may not even agree with you, but I will not allow it to go on in front of me or where I can hear it. I’m really trying to not scream and holler back at them, but talk to them how I would want to be confronted.

      The simple reality is that racism, bigotry and discrimination of any type is not bound to one group. As a Black guy I realize the perceptions some may have about someone like myself, but I have to recognize and be honest about my own perceptions of them too.

      There’s a story I really want to share with people that I may just write later this week that talked about how far we all have come in this country in terms of our relationships. Maybe I’ll do that. But I just want everyone to understand each other better.

      Anyway, thanks for your comments. Hope to talk to you soon.


  4. Hi Tim,

    Time and time again, it’s simply amazing how you are able to focus on the issue (hatred in this case) as oppose to the sidebar issues swirling around it. It’s uncanny, your consistency in recognizing The Issue and courageous willingness to confront The Issue instead of making things even worse by mushrooming the non-essential elements in and around The Issue to the point no one is addressing The Issue–hatred, which is a universal emotion, not restricted to one particular color. You really need to be in a college class room, teaching future generations to focus on The Issue(s) instead of the sidebar activities swirling around a particular issue–progress can only be made in society when we focus on The Issue, not more finger-pointing and gross generalizations.

    Whew! Thanks for a yet another thought-provoking post. Have a wonderful day sir.

    1. Thanks Al,

      You know what bothered me the most was the people clapping like they were in church. Why not just put hoods over your head. I would have been carried out or booed for saying what someone should have stood up and said instead of being silent or agreeing in silence. It simply bothers me when that happens.

      I will be the first to say that racism and inequalities has occurred and continues, but it’s not limited to one race. I know of White people who are discriminated against by Blacks for the same reason Blacks accuse Whites for. Just amazing.

      Well I’m seriously considering returning to school and getting a doctorate in something associated with sociology or even religion maybe. A decade of programming has gotten old for me. I’m considering it.

  5. Heh, 😀

    I’m just glad I’m considered important enough to exterminate.

    Poor guy, this exterminate-everyone-we-don’t-like mentality is the evil we have to overcome in this world. It’s been going on forever and it knows no skin color, religion, or politic. I guess the cat never studied the Barbary Coast Pirates.

    Kamau Bush up there and those like him are the insects amongst us, and fortunately, they have a history of self destruction. Hitler, Amin, Mao, Showa….
    All who take that path invite their own demise and no other.
    Paranoia will destroy ya.

    Nothing sadder than a poisoned soul.

  6. Tim
    Thanks for this post and the You Tube Video’s
    Your comments are on the mark and as afrankangle says those last 2 paragraphs say alot and all your follow ups are also very true and important points.

  7. I agree with Larry, your last two paragraphs are the best response of all to Kambon’s statement. We shouldn’t be exterminating people, we should be educating them — in the hopes that their attitudes toward people who aren’t like them will change for the better. Everyone in this country may be dissimilar in race or a host of other characteristics, but (with a few prominent exceptions) none of us wants to actually deprive anyone of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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