Presidential News Conference Analysis: 03/24/09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 President Obama conducted a Press Conference from the White House. I offer my analysis on the issues, but in interest of time and space has limited my analysis to as many important or interesting topics covered.

For those who have not seen the press conference I’ve included it here in hopes to provide some clarity in what I’m analyzing.

If you can not view or play this video, please click this link to go directly to the channel >> Presidential Press Conference – 03/24/09

From Recession to Recovery

I’m a patient person, but not everyone is willing to walk through the valley because they fear what may lurk in the shadows or the possibility of death. But the only way to get out of this mess is to work together. We can not walk alone.

The New American Gangsters

The executives at AIG and other financial institutions that required a bailout, but still want to bend the taxpayer over this is my solution. I recalled a quote by MLK that “a man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent”. I thought that was a very good point.

So I decided to reexamine my financial dealings to see if I had any financial connections to AIG, CITI and the other institutions that failed. Fortunately I got paid the loan from a subsidiary of AIG, I moved my accounts from Bank of America to another bank not connected to this mess and I’m working to disconnect myself from CITI as soon as possible. I’m tired of carrying these gangsters around on my back, so I decided to morally stand-up in terms of my financial deals. A man can not ride your back unless it’s bent.

Personal Sacrifice

We can not sacrifice the long term growth with short term fixes. The immediate sacrifices many people are making are for their long term survival. Change is to adjust, modify and to sacrifice. A true measurement of a person’s character is often emphasized during times of crisis, urgency and sacrifice. The big problems often take time to resolve. If it was easy it would have already been done. Be patient.

Middle-Class Tax Cuts

We often talk about the middle-class, but many who were considered to be middle-class are falling into the working-poor and homeless. Those in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans who are only thinking about their own political interest are the ones working to alter the bill to their liking.

On the concerns of this issue on the budget I believe the President has been clear. Of course he will receive blame and criticism for things that Congress decides to leave out for their political and if examined partisan reasons. This is not limited to Republicans, although many may oppose it and it’s not limited to Democrats, although many may support it. You have members of congress who will say one thing and do another. I believe the President will stick to this one with very little deviation when the final bill hits his desk.

Budget & Debts

I believe President Obama answers this best.

1. Some of those Republicans have a short memory. As I recall I’m inheriting a $1.3 Trillion Annual Deficit from them.

2. Under the most conservative estimates by the CBO, we drive down the deficit over the first five years of our budget. The deficit is cut in half. Folks are not disputing that. The dispute comes from what happens in the out years. The difference between our [W.H.] budget and the CBO are the assumptions about growth.

a. They’re [CBO] are assuming a growth rate of 2.2%,

b. We’re assuming a growth rate of 2.6%.

c. Our assumptions are consistent with what the Blue Chip forecasters are saying. None of us know what’s going to happen 6, 8 or 10 years from now.

d. This is what I do know. If we do not tackle energy, education and healthcare, science, technology and infrastructure, we will not grow.

What’s interesting is that everyone wants to criticize, but they offer no alternative budget. Many throw rocks from the porches and windows of their glass houses. We have not seen all of the things that were left to resolve. What’s crazy is thinking that we can continue to do the same things expecting a different result. We’ve done this for 8 years now, let’s do something different.

AIG Outrage & Fiscal Responsibility

Since I’ve already touched on this I will leave this one to what I believe was the line of the night. “If it was easy it would have already been done and we can go home.” When the reporter came back with ‘interesting’ anger regarding his response to AIG the President handled it by saying, “I like to know what I’m taking about before I speak.”

I’m sorry, but I love that one. I wish I was that smooth. I would have just told him that he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

Tent City

The most important thing the President can do is help their ability to obtain a job. The most important thing that all of us can do is help those who are forced to live in tents and who are homeless get out of that situation. We often push that responsibility off on someone else, but that someone else is you. You are somebody and they are too. We can not continue to look down upon those who are experiencing less fortune than you. You may be struggling paycheck to paycheck, but many in this situation don’t have a paycheck. What are you doing for others?


I simply don’t understand what Ann Compton was thinking. Is this what people think people of other races do everyday?

Why in the Hell would the President concern himself with a single attribute or personal reality when dealing with the daily issues he confronts? He knows he’s Black. What does that have to do with the way he governs? Perhaps this is an example of how certain groups of people hear and perceive and respond to racial diversity.

There are some mysterious Black people out there, I can start a list beginning with some Aunts and Uncles, but the vast majority of Blacks including myself are not all that different from anyone else. How I would respond to a question, issue or crisis is determine on my individual personality, knowledge, temperament and upbringing. I choose not to be govern by the color of my skin, but the content of my character, actions and intellect.

President Obama addressed this question with style, substance and honestly. I would only have made it a teachable moment by explaining what you have to explain over and over and over again until people realize that a President who is Black experience things very similar if not better or worse than the last 43 White men who held the office.


In interest of time I’ll end it here, but I’m sure we will get to discuss these issues and many others not mentioned in this post soon.

For those who may be of a different political persuasion than me I respect your points of views and have no problem considering your arguments. I may align with the general approach and ideology of President Obama, but it doesn’t mean that I blindly follow. I hope you find my analysis interesting or insightful.

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