What has Sen. Grassley been Smoking?

MAN! Sen. Chuck Grassley is gangsta. WOW! I don’t like what went on, but kill themselves?
But he wasn’t finished, because he had one more tidbit or should I say ‘tit bit’. I absolutely love this little misquote from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). I wonder what he was thinking about?


One thought on “What has Sen. Grassley been Smoking?

  1. Check out that cat’s eyes. He’s on Lithium or some shit, dude.

    What we have here is a politician sponging off the outrage average Americans feel over the misuse of our money.
    GrASSley and his fellow Republicans (Blue Dogs too) have supported these corporate Fascists and their rampant greed their whole careers.
    The Republican party is the Corporate Owned Political Party. To watch a corporate whore like Chuck (crab) Grassley try to project false outrage when his lobbyist buddies are the ones receiving the money is rather humorous.

    Grassley Money:

    Health Professionals $543,027
    Insurance $376,893
    Lawyers/Law Firms $280,818
    Lobbyists $277,097
    Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $244,722

    His #1 donor? The scandalous DCI Group.

    And let’s not forget Jack Abramoff.

    The above is some of the dirtiest money in the history of American politics.
    Grassley is a disgrace to both his country and people.

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