The Hell We Put Ourselves Through

Regardless of who or what we choose to believe spiritually, we all have experience some sort of Hell in our lives. Hell as in the unnecessary realities and circumstances that could have been avoided or prevented. The experiences caused by a feeling of low self-esteem, little self-worth, greed or a false sense of superiority or inferiority contribute to the misfortunate and often unnecessary circumstances we find ourselves or place ourselves in.

So what can you do to avoid it?

Well the standard church response is usually “get saved”, but that’s usually backed up by empty words, misguided claims, far too many unanswered questions and unassisted support. This is counterproductive and just adds more unnecessary hell into your life.

I believe a better way to answer this question is to start listening to yourself. You often get a sense of something is not right or is suspicious, but we are too lazy, oblivious or fearful to address it, so we just allow it to happen and deal with the Hell/circumstances/realities it brings into our life. When you think about some of the hell you’ve been through it makes you mad, because most of it was preventable.

You have free will. You control your destiny. You have a choice. You are what you believe you are and allow. Don’t allow someones affirmations govern your life. Stop putting yourself through hell that isn’t your own and/or is preventable. Think, examine, research, investigate, question, analyze and consider the possibilities when things come your way.

Now I know some of the hell we go through is not your fault. Although I’m talking about the hell we put ourselves through I’m sure some will miss the meaning of that and assume I am blaming the victim of circumstance.

My short answer for this indirectly related response is when you realize that you’re in a situation or circumstance that you didn’t cause or wasn’t preventable don’t blame yourself. This only adds unnecessary hell into your life. Stop thinking like a victim even if you are a victim.

Ask yourself what can I do about it now? You have the power when you think about it. Don’t let this be the hell You put yourself through. You’re much better than that.

Side Note: Hell is preventable, but your destiny isn’t. Whatever you choose do it wisely.


5 thoughts on “The Hell We Put Ourselves Through

  1. Hi Tim,

    Taking nothing from your own motivations/genuine thoughts/feelings for writing this encouraging/uplifting post, as I concluded my reading of it, all I could think of was how inspiring the message and you can be at times…this post with a few words edited here and there would be the stuff of legend if spoken at half-time by a Coach to his team losing at half-time of an important/high-stakes football game–sort of like, yes, we’re down but only we can determine if we stay down or get out there and turn things around in our favor…

    Another thought-provoking post, Tim, have a blessed week ahead sir.

    1. Thanks Al. I really appreciate your comments.

      You’ll be surprised to know that I wrote this one very early this morning. I could not sleep for some reason, so I got up and was browsing the internet on my Blackberry to see what the weather was going to be and getting around to reading some emails from earlier in the week when this topic came to me. I just started to type what I was thinking and here you go, “The Hell We Put Ourselves Through“.

      I sincerely try to consider other points-of-views and be fair and equal. I’m not sure if I should take credit for writing this one or not. 🙂 Maybe some time soon I will write about Hell in more theological & spiritual terms, but wanted to focus on the emotional or figurative ones.

      Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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