The Republican Road to Recovery

Sorry that I’m a little late posting this, but I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak. 🙂

I just don’t know of a more polite way to say this other than, what is going on with the Republican Party?

You read (The Republican Road to Recovery) this and tell me if it meets the definition of a budget or if it defines a “New Era of Responsibility”. If I turned this report in to my economic teacher in high school I would probably get a 70, mostly because I made it look credible, but has no substance.

So the Republicans in Congress come up with a “budget”, well that’s good. Let’s take a look at the 19 page document, well 17 if you subtract the front and back cover sheets. I’m interested in seeing what we have here compared to the 114 page one by the President.

Oh it appears that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, John Carter, Pete Sessions, David Dreier and Roy Blunt want to take responsibility for this document. Alright, let me get my calculator.

Let’s check it out, shall we. If you click here you can download “The Republican Road to Recovery” for yourself, so we can read together.

  • Lower Taxes
  • Keeping Energy & Fuel Costs Low
  • Creating Jobs
  • Ends the bailouts and reforms the financial system
  • Keeps the cost of living low

Umm… let me see how can I say this and be polite at the same time?

OK, Jeopardy Question of the day. What is a Budget?

Definitions of a Budget: defines a budget as — a description of a financial plan. It is a list of estimates of revenues to and expenditures by an agent for a stated period of time. Normally a budget describes a period in the future not the past. defines a budget as — an itemized forecast of an individual’s or company’s income and expenses expected for some period in the future. defines a budget as – an estimate of costs, revenues, and resources over a specified period, reflecting a management’s reading of future financial conditions.

Now if we take the Republican Road to Recovery we’re going to need some roadside assistance, OnStar, AAA or a tow truck, because they want us to go back in the direction we were going which was steering us into a ditch.

Let’s look at what President Obama says.

The Republican’s Budget:

When pressed by Nora O’Donnell you say that you’re proud of it.

Nora O’Donnell: So you don’t have the numbers now? About what you’re plan would be in terms of how it would cut the deficit or add to the deficit? You don’t have any numbers on that?

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN): Well, it’s really a broad – when the White House a few minutes ago was attacking the numbers in this bill, the tax cut numbers. There’s plenty of numbers in the Republican recovery plan. And we just really believe the President’s plan to raise taxes by nearly 2 trillion dollars on almost every American…deserves a debate on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Pence, the reason why the Republican “plan” is being attacked, because it’s not a real plan. You could have use Microsoft Excel or the budget feature in Quicken to come up with a better plan than this. Where’s the numbers, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, you know, calculations? If it wasn’t ready yet, why put it out. To remix advice from the President, why don’t you take your time so you know what you’re talking about before you speak.

Now I admit I’m bias, so I’m keeping as much as my personal opinion out of this. I must ask you Mr. Boehner, how do you and your colleagues respond to the justified criticism from conservative media outlets such as the National Review’s David Freddoso when he writes “I was not the only reporter in the room during the delayed press conference who had expected to see some numbers, at least ballpark.” That’s not some evil immoral left leaning liberal blogger, that’s one of your guys.

Listen, this is why I’m finding my tendency to consider what you have to say increasingly difficult to consider. You don’t want me to speak ill of the Republican Party or the Conservative values, but you can do it to me. The do what I say, not what I do philosophy was rolled away in his wheelchair from an undisclosed location a few weeks ago. “We’s smart now”. Dude, get outta here with that, “Well here it is Mr. President” crap and come with some substance if you’re going to punch back. The Bush Administration is Over. Common sense won, so let us all begin to use it.

If your goal is to “Do Better” we expect just that, something better. I end with two quotes by the President that still makes sense to me. “If it was easy it would have already been done and we can go home.” A 17 page criticism is worse than the one written here. To do better is getting to the point, the meat of the matter, the substance. I could have taken 17 pages to criticize this non-plan, but why when I can do it in one.

Finally, I really want and hope you take a queue from the President in your proposal next week. “I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak.”


3 thoughts on “The Republican Road to Recovery

  1. The real question is which of the following best describes the current Republican Party: clueless, lacking credibility, in a vacuum, desperate, drifting aimlessly?

  2. “which of the following best describes the current Republican Party: clueless, lacking credibility, in a vacuum, desperate, drifting aimlessly?”

    All of the above and then some.

    1) Clueless: I’ve eaten onions with more “clue”.

    2) Lacking Credibility: The status I would expect for a political party that never had any to begin with.

    3) In a Vacuum: Preferably a Hoover with cyclone action and an ionizing air filter. Head first.

    4) Desperate: Like a fat teenager at his sister’s slumber party.

    5) Drifting Aimlessly: Thank God.

    Right now the Repig party somewhat resembles a bowl of leftover stir fry. And America has never been luckier.

    Thank you, Dr. Dean!

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