Making This Old World, A New World

RE: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There’s not really much that I can really say to add. Forty-One (41) years in Memphis, Tennessee the world lost a truly unappreciated man until after this day. Many people of all variations still fail to honestly realize the level of significance of his life. Some only know him by one speech, others sum his life into a phrase; I Have A Dream. Some mistakenly worship him; some continue to hijack the meaning of his words to fit a political or ideological agenda if examined would contradict the mission of the movement.

I am far from a scholar on Dr. King, but I do consider myself a student of his philosophy. I’ve tried to embed it into many areas of my life in hopes to gain better comprehension of the things of this world and people.

I’ve tried to collect as many recordings and videos as I possibly can find in addition to reading as much as I can. When I last visited the Lorraine Hotel, now the National Civil Rights Museum it was during the time I was reading his autobiography. Knowing the outcome I wanted to visit as many of the sites that I could since I was fortunate enough to live within a reasonable driving distance of many of these historic landmarks of the civil rights movement.

Once I taken the tour and arrived at the end of it, the book became real to me and the purpose of his life clearer to me. I understand that many people have their opinions and assumptions about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement and I respect that. I ask that you consider taking time to learn more about this man than what you may have heard from a sound-bite or read on this blog. It doesn’t matter your race, religion, beliefs or political affiliations, there’s something there for you to learn.

The job of uniting the state of America was not begun by Dr. King, nor did it end with him. It’s not the sole responsibility of President Barack Obama or of any one group, whether political, religious, academic, business or cultural. It’s a responsibility of us all. Dr. King like so many others were a reminder and enforcer of that. If we are to make of this old world a new world we must start with ourselves. What are you doing for others?

*I encourage you to take a look at the unseen pictures recently published of the images after the assassination. Forty-one years later I still find myself shaking my head as I see the man clean up the blood hours later. (*


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  1. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr and Rosa Parks are real life American heroes. When Dr King came to my town, there were too many who wanted to lead and now there are no real Black leaders here. Both King and Parks inspire me to keep trying to bring justice to my home town now. It’s hard taking on corrupt/racist officials. I hope I don’t end up like Rev King for my efforts. But I have to keep trying.

    Thanks for writing about Rev King. I don’t think he is talked about enough. I have a picture of him on my library wall.

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