Then My Living Will Not Be In Vain

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Monday, April 6, 2009 around 5:30 PM CST I was driving home from a day at work. As I got to the last stretch of road, a curvy backstreet I suddenly lost control of my car. I was not speeding, because I was going around a S-curve and it was beginning to rain. As I was trying to gain control of the car I began to spin out and went sideways into a ditch. My car was almost on its side when I saw the street drainage pipe in front of me. I was bracing to hit it and be either upside down or on my side, but somehow I ended back on the street.

onlydamageNow how I got back onto the street I don’t know, but I had control of my car again. I have my own thoughts, ideas and suggestions of how I got back on the street from a ditch that’s at least 5 feet off the road, but I’ll let the audio clip speak draw those assumptions.

Now I’m a pretty calm person and tend not to panic during most situation. It’s the little petty things that gets me going. Anyway, as I continued to drive down the road looking for a place to pull over so I can check the damage to my car, but before I was able to pull over I noticed that the radio had got knocked off and a CD was playing. The first thing I heard was a phrase “…then my living will not be in vain” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sermon “The Drum Major Instinct”. I was listening to another track on the CD a few days ago to make sure I got a quote I wanted to use on a post this past weekend correct. I just smiled to myself and thanked God, because that could have been a very different ending than the one I was afforded.

I try to do what’s right even when I receive emails criticizing me for even writing about what I believe, although I try to be fair and considerate. I don’t push what I believe onto people, you can believe whatever you like. I just want to do what’s right. If it’s an encouraging word to someone I honestly try to be the one to lend a word. Like my post yesterday and others I try to make a point and you laugh with a link to a song. It’s not necessarily about me, but in a way it is.

The two older women who saw all of this happen was kind enough to stop to see if I was OK. I told them that I was actually fine and was surprise that my car came out of that with just a missing hubcap, dirt and a slightly bent rim, because it could have been worse. One of the ladies said that I must have had a guardian angel looking after me. I replied by saying, “I do and I thank you for making sure I was OK.” Although I don’t believe they caught what I was saying to them maybe one day it will hit them, because they might have been angels. Who knows. They came out of no where, but they saw everything.

When you honestly seek sincerity and strive to do right I believe favor is returned back to you. Then maybe my living is not in vain.

I’m thankful that I get to have another day to express my thoughts, ideas & suggestions.

References & Inspirations
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – “The Drum Major Instinct” (Audio)


6 thoughts on “Then My Living Will Not Be In Vain

  1. Whew!!! What a tragic loss if your guardian angels didn’t spring quickly into action. Half an inch pull on the steering wheel column one way or the other and the outcome is far worse. All’s well that ends well, and I join the rest of your readers, family members and friends who are happy the outcome was/is safer than the potential tragic consequences that may have been in store if devine intervention wasn’t present. Be safe and keep sharing your creative/thought-provoking post. Whew!

    1. Thanks Al, I appreciate it.

      When I was driving to work this morning I pass the spot where all of this happen and just don’t see how it all happen, because it wouldn’t be easy for even a Land Rover to recover never-the-less a Toyota Camry. I guess I’ll be buying a new rim for my car and looking for a hubcap.

      Anyway, I appreciate the kind words. I’m glad that I’m still here too.

  2. And the good news is *beats the drum* You’ve already had your mishap for a year. The rest should be easy peasy with no problems whatsoever. The guardian angel moment has now turned into a lucky year. Blessed be.

  3. Cheers to the two women who believed in doing the right thing … who believed in that it doesn’t take that much more effort to be first class … all around a concern for someone else …. a Tim message returned to Tim.

    1. I know someone had to be thinking, ‘this guy was listening to King in his car’. You got to know me to understand that it’s not unusual for me to listen to speeches, sermons and recordings of various people, not just King or civil rights related. I forgot that I had the CD in there and was listening to the radio the past few days. For it to cut on to what it did after popping back on the road somehow is in my opinion only the works of one. 🙂 I’m glad it was just me in the car and I didn’t have my wife & son with me at the time. I’ll have to tell you more some day. I’ll be ‘in the neighborhood’ later this summer, so I’ll let you know.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

  4. I don’t know about guardian angels, but I’d chalk that good fortune up to luck and some quick reflexes on your part. 🙂 In any event, I’m glad you came out okay, Tim.

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