Feeding Gmail

I normally do not get too techie on here, because I have to think tech on my job (that pays the bills). But I’ve got to share this little thing that I’ve learned with you. I’m currently trying to learn XML and now I’m playing around with RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

So as I was putting the final touches on a database application I redesigned for my employer, I wanted to add something extra that was not necessary, but cool. How do I incorporate what I’ve been learning (XML) into what I already know Microsoft Access?

As I was playing around I found this little line of code that puts your Gmail email into a RSS Feed. Now regardless of how computer illiterate you think you are, you can do this.

All you need to do is copy and paste the URL below into the address bar of your web browser.




https://username : password @gmail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom


This is a cool way of checking your email by putting an RSS Feed into your bookmarks.

I can not take credit for this code, but it helped me apply the concept to something all together different and offline for a small group of users. But this was written by someone named cosa. If you like it, you might consider subscribing to their feed, follows them on Twitter.

I strongly suggest if you decide to use the 2nd URL to ONLY use it on a computer that YOU will access, ABSOLUTELY NOT a public computer. Also, if you have an email account that you don’t want that certain someone to know about, then I would suggest you not use that email for this. I’m just telling you from the experiences I’ve had in I.T. gaining access to some emails I’m sure they person didn’t want me to see or know about. It’s a good thing that I’m not out to get anyone in trouble. So this is just my friendly tech warning.