The On-Air Revolt of a Limbaugh “Ditto Head”

I absolutely LOVE this. OMG I LOVE THIS.

The caller was much nicer than me, because what I would have to say to Rush Limbaugh would be way more harsh than what this guy said to him and for good measure I would talk about his momma too. But I absolutely loath the guy.



7 thoughts on “The On-Air Revolt of a Limbaugh “Ditto Head”

  1. (Don’t throw eggs.) But I would just point out: Limbaugh gave the man quite a lot of room to fully express his ideas. As someone who has been frequently censored on left wing blogs, I would just like to underline the fact that the man’s opinion was given rather prominent air time. Granted, Limbaugh came back with a vigorous, “in your face” arguement but nothing any more vigorous in spirit than what the caller said.

    Second item: the caller assumes that the United States committed torture. No facts or definitions are offered. The caller acts as though there was no controversy about what “torture” is. It’s easy to throw words around. “You have got to stop beating your wife” assumes that you were beating your wife when in fact when maybe you never so much as raised your voice once. Or maybe you aren’t even married.

    Meanwhile, I think about other controversies that divide left and right in politics. Even if it is true that the United States actions on three occasions against al quida prisoners was torture, Obama has a torture rap of his own — in my view a more serious one.. Obama is the most pro-abortion politician in American history.

    Democrats will never understand Republican opposition to Obama, and their “defense” of harsh interrogation methods (regarding those Republicans who do defend them — which is by no means everyone) as long as Democrats favor killing unborn children.

    As Christians, whatever else we believe about torture, it cannot be said that the al quida killers did not deserve torture. They deserved to die. (I think St. Paul’s letters will bear me out.) But the innocent unborn child does not deserve to die. And no woman should ever be encouraged to take the life of her own child.

    “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” is a scriptural passage that the purportedly Christian President Obama has forgotten. And Jesus was an unborn child before he was a man. The al quida terrorists made choices in life that led to their “torture” (with or without quotation marks), but the unborn child is created in the image of God.

    As Mother Theresa said, “abortion destroys the image of God in the world.”

    Mr. Limbaugh is not pretty. He is certainly not dainty about expressing his ideas. But when you listen to his radio comments day after day on many issues, I would say he is closer to the message of Christ than his detractors. God has used many unsightly messagers before. Limbaugh would not be the first.

    For me abortion was THE issue of this election. I can never support Obama as long as he supports abortion. It is wrong. It is unhuman. It is unChristian. It is against nature. How can we care about “the planet” when we do not care about the most innocent of human beings?

    1. I won’t even bother arguing this one because my experiences as an America are completely different which leads me to a different politically ideological conclusion as others. I’ve already written what I’ve thought is the issue with GOP and solutions. I’ve come to the realization that the most effective method of getting what needs to be done politically is not arguing who’s right and who’s wrong on every single issue. Some people believe the GOP has and can not do wrong, some people believe the Democrats has and can not do wrong, I know differently. Until we all honestly take an ideological moratorium and look at the big picture with honestly nothing will change. The issue is that each side wants the credit for their own political gains. Many Republicans are upset now with virtually anything any Democrat does, just like Democrats were in the 90’s and up into 2007.

      Forgive me as I skate around the number of topics that were unrelated to the post, but I like you and will try to address a few of them. Although I think the Red Cross and a few other have reported evidences that may contradict the torture point including some fair-minded Republicans.

      Rush is absolutely no saint, but I would love to hear what you think about what Rush had to say about Race Relations.

      Listen, I can understand and respect your position you take as a Republican and a Conservative Christian, because I strive to be open-minded and consider views and positions different than those of my own. But that’s the typical liberal position for a liberal minded person to take. I think that there’s common ground that we all can reach, because each of us are valid in are positions. I’m learning each day to think about a basic question, “What am I doing for others?”. -MLK I’ve tried to talk about the many unChristian things that Christians continue to do that is counter-productive and each time I get kick back from many Christians that still miss the point I’m trying to make, but I actually enjoy talking about it.

      The bottom-line is that I may disagree with you or think that you wrong, but at the end of the conversation can I still sincerely wish you the best. I’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s not an issue with me. I can argue and disprove each point, but what does that gain each of us, but additional aggravation. I don’t always agree with President Obama or every Democrat. I don’t always disagree with Republicans. If I continue to greet those who disagree with me with a closed fist instead of an open hand and mind nothing will be accomplished. That’s what President Obama is working to achieve. What is the common response from Republicans?

      I’ve used the analogy before, but it makes sense to me. If the roof is on fire all parties need to help put out the fire, not debating what we should do. We have to work together to save the house or neither one of us will have anything to argue about.

      PS: I agree with your Mother Theresa statement, “abortion destroys the image of God in the world”, but I would add that any form of racism, bigotry and discrimination has the same affect too. This is why I am working towards restoring the image and inviting others to do the same.

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