Let Go The Ego

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Let Go The Ego — I bring this up because a lady asked me this morning, “Why I’m a Democrat?” Now I’m being nice just having a friendly conversation with her about the weekend. I had a magazine in my hand that had President Obama on the cover and I guess working in a very conservative area of town this lady had to ask me a stupid question about politics. Of course she was a Republican, but I give her credit for breaking conservative protocol and having an open-minded conversation with such an evil liberal like myself. That was brave of her. 🙂

Now I’m being a little silly, but it helps me from doing what I see many people who does not socialize themselves doing. Assuming the worse or becoming oblivious to life around them.

This subject is something that I’ve come to a clear revelation on and have tried to hold back and it keeps coming back up. It’s not something I want to discuss all the time, but the question this lady brought up really bothered me, because I assume she would have known better. She appeared to be more aware of the diversity around her, but I guess I was wrong.

Since I didn’t have much time to go into it at the time she asked me, because I needed to get to work. But I invited her to visit this blog and I will try to provide a response. I didn’t think it would flow out of me this quickly, but here it is. I hope this does not offend you, but the cluelessness of the question is not just tied to you, but to an ideology.

The brief response I gave her wasn’t adequate and sincerely hope she reads this in full. I invite and challenge others to let go of their egos and consider others.

First I want you to understand that this is not just confined to just Republicans or Conservatives, although I’ve primarily received it from Republicans and Conservatives. This is spills into all walks of life, Democrats as well as Republicans, Christians as well as Jews, Muslims and others, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American and White. I titled this “Why I’m Not a Republican” to give it a title, but it’s not limited to just Republicans.

Now I’ve written about several of the topics regarding politics and have had many responses from people who identify themselves as either a Republican or Conservative. I appreciate the few fair-minded Republicans and Conservatives who take the time to consider what I’m saying even if they disagree or miss the point. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will one person breakthrough the walls built up in opposition to alternative opinions in a day or single post either.

I’m not suggesting that Democrats or Liberals have all the answers either, but there’s a reason why I value Democratic and Liberal opinions over Republican and Conservative opinions. I choose to be a Democrat because of my life experiences. You may choose to be a Republican because of your life experiences, but the question was directed to me. The lack of many Republicans and/or Conservatives willingness to honestly address the many questions I’ve posed to them continues to strengthen my association with Democratic principles, but it’s not limited to them.

Last year during the election season I wrote several articles that asked Republicans and/or Conservatives a simple question and not a single person who identified themselves as a Republican or Conservative would answer the question, but was willing to bring up the single-issues of abortion, taxes and morality. The question was around what they thought about the clear and overt racism that was going on in the McCain/Palin Campaign. I repeatedly ask the question only to be called Nigger, Pompous, Uppity, Boy and many other names. It’s still there, reference posts between mid-August to late October 2008.

I know some will say well the Obama Campaign said this or that about McCain/Palin. Prove it. Night after night all we saw was lily white rallies that grew more and more intolerant of change. The discord within the GOP today on anything President Obama does is a continuation of that. You don’t like anything he does or has to say regardless of the facts. He’s not the blame for your discontent, nor is the Democrats.

When I address the hypocrisy of many Republicans, Conservative Christians and Democrats towards their treatment of our fellow citizens who are Gay or Lesbian all I received was hate. I continuously addressed it and the Republican or Conservative response was silence.

When confronting the issues of abortion, I thought I had a fair assessment on both sides of the coin and all I received was hate and complete closed mindedness. I took it down and wrote Ideological Moratorium a few days afterwards as a response to the hate.

I seek to have an honest discussion about race and was very fair towards Michael Steele’s chairmanship. I even defended him on more than one occasion, but what was he greeted with by his own party, hate. Look back at the post from early February to see for yourself.

I write about Religion and don’t even inject political ideology, but what response do I receive. Politics as usual. What I’ve written about religion, race and inclusion can be applied to political ideology and I have applied it. Many times I am greeted with the same partisan arguments that are bankrupt of any resolution.

Why repeat what hasn’t worked expecting a different outcome? Unbind yourself. This goes for Democrats too. Think! Think about what you are doing. Not in terms of how it may benefit you or your agenda, but how does it benefit others. Here I go back to this same question posed by Jesus and more recently by Dr. Martin King. What are you doing for others?

Stop with the nonsense of I’m a Christian if you are unwilling to act like Christ. Stop living in vain. IF you make it into Heaven there’s going to be people who were Democrats there. There will be people who may have had an abortion there. I’m sure you’ll find some of the same people you call illegal immigrants chillin’ with Christ there too. There’s going to be tax collectors up there, I believe Jesus hung out with one if my interpretation of the Bible serves me correctly. And while I’m at it, there’s going to be someone who was Gay or Lesbian up there too. Yeah GET MAD AT ME.  Who are you to judge?

You see that’s the point right there, who are you to judge. I believe that’s Matthew 7:1. How is the evil that you’re doing any better than the evil you accuse other of?

The point is that YOU’RE NOT GOD, so stop acting as if you are God judging everyone. Republicans as well as Democrats will go to Hell. America is not the center of the world and Conservatives isn’t the core of American values, nor is Liberalism.

You don’t know the life experiences people go through. Just because your parents, grandparents or uncle is or was a Klansman doesn’t mean you as a White woman can’t love a Black man. Just because a White man called you a Nigger and did everything within his power to hold you back doesn’t mean you can embrace that White man with sincere love. The Mexican man who is willing to work to support his family here and back home in Mexico day in and day out and endure discrimination from Blacks & Whites isn’t a criminal. Respect him or her. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that the Muslim is bad, embrace him or her has your friend and stop making them your enemy. Again, if you proclaim to be a Christian why do you hate your neighbor?

So what she had an abortion, treating her as if she was trash doesn’t help her feel any better about herself. Ask her what lead her to have an abortion and then LOVE HER for who she is, not what you want her to be. Terrorizing the doctor who performs the procedure is no better than remaining silent as the jury convicts the young Black kid to life in prison. If you’re pro-life why are many pro-death penalties? There’s a place for it and not everyone is rehabilitatable, but look at what you’re doing.

I am not a Republican, because I don’t trust the ideology. That’s not to say I believe all Republicans are bad as many of them accuse me of. All Democrats are not as evil as you believe they are. I’m just like you.

Last thing. Lay off President Obama. You may not understand or even care what he represents, but just like you told me back in 2000, GET OVER IT. He’s the President. What President Obama represents is not just a more united state of America, but the dream of America. That even the oppressed is worthy and can rise from the narrow confines that many place them in. The oppressed have managed to place themselves into this mind frame.

You and I are not as bad as some think or say we are. Never allow anyone regardless of who they claim or think they are telling you any different.

Everyone will not like what I have to say and for the first time I really don’t care if you like it or not. I say this because someone has to. I’ve come to a point in my life that it’s not about making you appear wrong for me to appear right. I’m tired of the crap we feed each other about one another. You may choose to believe or perpectuate the lie, but I’m choosing to approach it truthfully. Not trying to score any points or to make friends. You don’t have to believe what I believe for me to be friends with you. Talk ill against me if that makes you feel better. I just want us to do better. If we’re ever going to succeed at life we got to put down our egos and humble ourselves. Consider and accept others as you want them to accept you.

Hate is much harder to maintain than love. Simplify your life by embracing it openly and honestly in everything you do. We all mess up, but don’t give up.

I apologize for this running long. I’m talking about golf tomorrow. Lighter subject.

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7 thoughts on “Let Go The Ego

  1. I love this, and we have the same mindset I think generally.

    Your post made me remember this…Philosopher George Santayana schooled me once on the human condition by pointing out generally again that half the world, the Buddhists, negate the self (or ego) while the other half, the Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions glorify the self. It’s no wonder really then that the world is what it is. Within Western religious traditions, I think the same condition exists. Great humility and great hubris wrestle, and it’s a war for life itself that presents as so many little, persistent battles.

    1. Thanks. I just got tired of all the attitude and eogs I persistently witness from many people on many sides, not just conservatives. I focused on conservatives, because I get the most resistance from people identify themselves as a conservative on the basic issues of change and inclusion. I plan on going further into this soon, but it’s crazy that I can’t even stand in line at a fast food restaurant for a sausage egg biscuit and a Dr. Pepper without being asked something crazy.

      I don’t dislike Republicans, but have issue with those who fail to be inclusive and considerate of others only to cling to their ‘guns = misconceptions and religion = ideology, doctrine or traditions”. Anyway, the only way to change the world is by trying. I’m sure some may instantly misunderstand what I’m saying, but brick by brick maybe one just may receive it.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment on this post.

  2. Tim,
    As always, your thoughts are well constructed, thought provoking, and meaningful … thus always worth the read! So thanks, meanwhile I await the golf post that I know is overdue. ha ha!

    1. Thanks.

      LOL Re: Golf Commentary
      I almost give up wanting to comment about Sergio Garcia’s comments regarding the difficulties of Augusta National GC. Dude, it’s The Masters it’s not suppose to be easy. But you’re the #3 golfer in the world, quit complaining. I could only wish I was ranked anywhere near that. Sergio saying, “I just play where they tell me. The course is too difficult.” Shut up dude and play, you make millions to play golf. I don’t hear Phil (#2) or Tiger (#1) complaining. OK, I feel better now. 🙂

  3. Is this the post that you asked me to respond to? I’m assuming it is. Your post is long in ways that obscure what I originally asked, which was simply how do Christians support a president who is so pro-abortion. Actually he was okay with infanticide, too, in opposing Born Alive when it went before the Illinois legislature, but many of his supporters are unaware of that aspect of Obama’s political career. I recommend you read the transcripts with his remarks. You might be surprised at the cold, legalisms that come out of the mouth of your “hope and change” guy.

    Abortion is often portrayed as just an “issue.” But it is about saving lives. The commentary about blaming a woman who has an abortion is completely irrelevant since the question is not about anything so trivial. It’s starkly life and death. Abortion is the slavery of the modern world.

    Moreover, abortion is not something that just happens. It’s an industry. A woman doesn’t perform her own abortion. She goes to a medical practioner who in former times swore an oath to “do no harm.” Now the doctor takes a human life. What impact does that act have on the practice of medicine when we train people in university medical departments to kill the fetuses?

    Why, though, should it be particularly a Christian issue? The Bible makes rather a big deal about Jesus’s prenatal life. His conception is told to Mary by an angel. Mary was what we’d today call an “unwed mother” (to be). Or another favorite label of our era, a “pregnant teenager.” When Joseph her betrothed learns of her pregnancy, his first reaction we’re told was to arrange to put the betrothal aside quietly. However, he too is informed by angelic means that the child is conceived of the Holy Spirit. Later, when Mary goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth who is carrying the future John the Baptist, Elizabeth’s child leaps for joy inside her womb.

    Why would the Bible make such an issue of Jesus’s pre-natal existence if abortion were just a life-style option? So, it is uniquely a grave crime in the Christian view of reality. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” is the Biblical stance toward what scientists call a “fetus.”

    Now, you’ve mentioned Christians who are dismissive or rude or whatever toward members of other faiths, and again I don’t see the connection at all. You blur the distinctions between really trivial things like people being unkind to each other verses taking someone’s life. People can call me unkind names all day, and it’s going to bother me. But when they try to take my life — well, certainly you can see that is a far different matter.

    Your commentary says nothing about what Christianity even is. Is Christianity just an adjective meaning “nice person”? C.S. Lewis wrote a whole book (“Mere Christianity”) dealing with the conundrum that you raise. I’m going to recommend that book to you rather than try to make arguments that he makes more elegantly and completely than I could ever hope to do.

    Anyway, I am personally not very much interested in perceptions about which political party indulges more in rudeness to its opponents. My concern about abortion is that the United States government is making a form of murder legal and has done so since 1974. Terry Schievo (I’ve probably misspelled her name) was the consequence of that decision. First we kill the unborn, then the incurably ill. Perhaps next it will be people who are mentally retarded. Some other category of persons after that.

    At least when America had slave states, most of the slaves survived. As an African American you are presumably one of their descendants. (Obama, by contrast, for what it’s worth, is the son of a man from Kenya who came to the US to attend Harvard.)

    Abortion is not a question like the relationship between races or cultures or whether people like or dislike you or call you unpleasant names. It’s about the taking of life, it’s about moral responsibility. It’s not about blaming the mother or even the abortionist, it’s about preventing the abortion by eliminating an industry. It’s about calling people to a higher moral idea, a respect for the life of all persons. It’s about the idea of humanity as God’s image.

    1. Thanks Ann for your comments, but actually this isn’t the one I was talking about. I haven’t written it yet. When I do it will have nothing to do with religion or politics.

      The point of this one was not to speak about a single issue, but how we address various issues. We often inject your ego into it. I like others are guilty of it. I’m just working to not allow my ego into it so I don’t get upset when and/or if someone disagrees with me or misinterprets the point I’m trying to make.

      The only way to resolve the divisions between us [society] is to address them honestly minus the egos. Difficult thing to do when you’re passionate about something. I’m very passionate on issues of bigotry, biases, inequality and inconsiderate positions, but I try not to rip people apart each time I see it, but have a conversation with them calmly and respectfully.

      We sharply disagree on political beliefs, some of that trickles down into our stances on another area of partial agreement, religion. Of course I like President Obama do not want anyone to have an abortion, but I can guarantee there is someone who agrees with your position who has a daughter they love. Let’s say the girl is 18 yrs old and lives in a rural area of AL. She is dating a 19 yr old boy of a different race and they learn that she’s pregnant. You can’t tell me that the idea will not cross the mind of the person who agrees with your position on abortion.

      I understand and respect your position. Far too often people who may agree with your position are closed to listen and offer the same consideration and respect that I may lend to them on the same issue. This is why I say on not just abortion, but many issues to let go of our egos and embrace each other in love.

      Anyway, this wasn’t the post I was talking about, but I appreciate you taking time to comment.

      Be Safe.

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