Republicans Gone Wild


Republicans & Conservatives – What is wrong with you? Seriously. I’m asking this because I’m concerned with what’s happening to you since September 2008. It’s not all Republicans or every Conservative, but my goodness look at what you’re doing? What you’re doing doesn’t even make sense. You can not tell me you honestly believe what’s being feed to you by those who claim to be with and for you.

Now many of you look at me with a sustained suspect of my criticism. I can accept your suspicion, but if you look at your actions without the ego and rhetoric you would see evidence of the Republican Party spiraling out of control.

I know many who identify themselves as a Republican or a Conservative may disagree with my concerns and collectively dismiss, ignore or protest me in some way. There’s not too many things that any of you can actually say that I haven’t heard or been called. So if it makes you feel better have at it, but it only proves my concern and criticism of the obvious desperation of the party and its deficit of ideas.

The tendency for paranoia, the embracing fear and opposition to everything coupled with a lack of leadership and no logical or sustainable solutions to the problems we all face is quickly making the GOP a regional party. The recent influx of the people who are attracted by the fringe ideology and practices embraced or unchallenged by Republican leadership. This is driving out the moderates and frankly the reasonable members of the party.

When you limit your beliefs and/or ideology to forever being against someone or needing an enemy you end up in the ideological and philosphical ostracization that you’re experiencing now.

If everyone is an enemy who will be a friend? The lack of diversity in your portfolio of political philosophy will lead you to a bankrupt ideology and lead to resorting to desperate actions to stimulate the economy of logic and relevance of your party.

Stop living, embracing and accepting fear.

The baseless suspicion of the motives of all who are not Republicans and/or Conservative is moving the party so far to the right that you’re teetering on the edge of sanity. I can respect your claims when it has a logical or reasonable premise to your projections and conflicts to a position. I can barely have a conversation with many of you without instant hostility, disturbing accusations and defensiveness on any issue. Seriously, what is wrong? You can not be so narrow-minded or single-issued to the point where you close your mind to reality.

We may disagree, but I don’t want you to go off the deep end. The people who say are for you in your leadership are leading you into a political Jonestown. I’m asking you not as a political adversary, but as a politico just as yourself to stop drinking the Kool-Aid they are serving you. It’s poison.

Dismiss this if you wish, but I only see two alternatives for the moderates of the Republican Party to go. The Democrats or the Libertarians, save yourself.



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    1. I don’t know what else to even say to any of them. I’ve tried to work towards unity and reconciliation, but it seems that none of these people are willing to unite or interested in reconciliation.

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