Comfortable With Yourself

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After listening to what the late Dr. John Hope Franklin had to say about the importance of history and his responses to the questions the interviewer asked him I can honestly say that I completely understand or can relate through my own experiences with what he’s saying. You must be comfortable with yourself first if you’re going to be comfortable with others and have them comfortable with you.

When you look at people as being different you tend to overlook your similarities. Stop looking at people as if they are different than you and begin to see them as you see yourself. I believe it’s then when you realize that what you was taught or was lead to believe was not 100% accurate.

This is a basic message I strive to deliver to people I meet and/or read this blog weekly, if not daily. Those who has criticized me for being too liberal, sympathetic or passive on various issues that tend to raise passion in some and indignation in others often are not truely comfortable with themselves and/or discussing the issue openly and honestly. Hot button topics and issues such as abortion, religion, politics, economics, sexuality, race and relationships seem to upset some, but I ask you again to be honest with yourself in the analysis of your criticisms.

What about the topic touches you so close that it causes you not to see your similarities with what or who you disapprove, but the differences?

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  1. What a great interview! We’re all humans and his man exemplifies what it means to be human.

    Tim … thanks.

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