Learn To Love (Part 3)



Back in the early 90’s I’ve actually had someone say these very words to me right after both of the girls parents said that I was the best boyfriend their daughter ever had. They told me they still believed that, “If God wanted the mixing of races he would have said it in the Bible.” The girl I was dating at the time was very embarrassed and was very ready to go after that. Her parents ask me why I was smiling. I politely responded with, “I thank you for sharing your opinions with me.”

Now the real reason why I smiled is because I know they didn’t hear what they just said. If so, we need to pray right now, because they have lost it. Now in interest of time I will not go into all of the occurrences here, but have provided a link in my References & Inspirations section below of where you can learn more about the topic.

If you choose to use this argument against someone just do it with someone who knows even less of the Bible that you proclaim you know. Maybe then you will win the argument. Understand that when you use this argument you are philosophically ostracizing yourself from what the Bible actually says regarding race and relationships. Don’t take my word for it look for yourself. (Link)

It seems once again we find ourselves prosecuting the Church and the Bible to pimp our prejudices. If you claim to have a passion for Christ stop treating him like a… and follow his greatest commandment. LOVE.

Learning to love can be difficult. We’ve all made mistakes in our relationships. We are often not given sound examples of what love is before we dive into it. If you never were shown love or feel loved how are you suppose to recognize it when it presents itself?

Throughout childhood, teenage years and adulthood we go through life seeking recognition and acknowledgment, as we fight against that jealous spirit and envious heart. That jealousy and envy may tempt you to try to keep up with someone who isn’t right for you or is holding you back, let’s remember to think about your first love, you. We often accept what’s left and second best. Some people are not happy, but stay in the relationship for various reasons. Accepting misery with a smile.

For some it leads to making some poor decisions, private regrets and bad relationships. We beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives or find ourselves struggling to get out of abusive relationships. Abuse isn’t always physical or emotional, but can be financial or spiritual.


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