Do You

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This was just a passing thought that I wanted to share with those who have the mind and spirit to receive it. I’ve  borrowed the title from a book authored by someone I briefly met in 1999 and who inspires confidence with me, Russell Simmons.

Do you and stop concerning yourself about what others may think, say or do. Use the admiration of your critics as motivation, a form of empowerment. If it hasn’t been done before then take the opportunity to be the first.

It’s not worth the time invested to allow dimly inspired individuals woefully devoid of vision hold you down. Let their criticisms be the footstool to you success. Jealousy and envy coupled with the lack of vision and self-confidence is often silently lurking and seeking the opportunity to put out your fire or zeal. Forget them, Do You. No one is going to believe in you more than you so stop relying on the confessions of others as a form of validation of your vision, aspirations and dreams.

Be Safe & Enjoy.

Tim Valentine


One thought on “Do You

  1. Heh,

    Ol’ Russell is little bit of everything, is he not?

    I can see him being an inspiration. He and his family are highly successful people in wide variety of fields.
    His little spat with Howard Stern was classic. 🙂
    They ended as friends I believe.

    Hadn’t read the book. Perhaps I shall.

    I do like his occasional blog at HuffPo. We’re usually about 60/40 on agreement.
    It is good to thrive on the spite of one’s detractors. I’ve been basking in the derision of mine for over a decade.
    One thing the Right doesn’t understand, captainkona is a creation of theirs. Not mine.

    P&L, baby.

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