Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA)

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As many Republicans are publicly fuming over this latest slap in the face with the expected spin, I just wonder if any have seriously listened and considered the Senator’s message in his statement. It’s more than just an ambition to hold on to a seat, listen to what he’s telling you before you start calling him names and degrading his decision.

I know you’re mad and things aren’t looking so good right now. The President is Black, very smart or ‘uppity’ as some may say privately, popular or likable, and the whole torture thing comes out and you’re scrambling for political cover, it’s hard out here for a Republican. Only 21% of the country even want to be seen with you and that 21% are mostly the fringe group of the party, Texas talking about leaving the union, but request federal assistance. You’re viewed as the Party of No, just do a Google search and see what you come up with. Rush Limbaugh takes over the party, then Newt Gingrich, then Dick Cheney and the lone Black guy, Michael Stelle t-bagging Rush on-air to satisfy the base, the growing fringe group that’s becoming. You come out with a plan with no numbers, then follow it up with stuff proven by economist to be ill fated, more and more Moderate Republicans are wisely resisting the extremism of the party. Then Sen. Arlen Spector decides to switch parties. Giving the Democrats 60 votes, oooo that had to of hurt. If you think Sen. Spector is the only one to leave I say be careful, make a change now.

I think you can do change. Yes You Can.



4 thoughts on “Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA)

  1. So the Republicans have officially installed the “No Moderates Allowed” sign on the door to their big tent. Of course with more Republicans becoming more homogeneous, that means the next big battleground (over time) will be within the Democratic Party. Hmmmm …. and the beat goes on.

    1. Well they are “The Party of No”.

      I would like to welcome Bro. Arlen to the Party, come on out of the rain. Can we bring in some more chairs, just put them along the aisle, I have a feeling we may need to make some more room. Bro. Spector you can sit here beside Bro. Lieberman.

      Seriously, this is the type of thing that I’ve been warning about for months now, with basically very few responses to any of the questions posed from Republicans. I may not be a Republican, but I don’t want them to just go away, just not do what the Democratic Party has done many years ago.

      Each time I’ve tied the three taboo subjects of politics, race and religion into a single post I’ve either received silence to my questions or the people who are more liberal agree with me and those who are more conservative ignore me and the moderates tend to offer the food for thought. It’s the ideology, if they just admit that it’s exclusive and do something about it they may have a chance. Then Democrats need not to make the same mistakes, but I’m beginning to lead into something you’ll see later so I’ll end it there.

  2. It may be a matter of time till Maine Senators Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe either switch to the Democratic party or become independent and caucus with the Democrats,

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