Michael Steele’s GOP Hat

Steele… what are you’re talking about.

“’cause that’s how we roll”… sigh… listen, most of the people who are on FOX News or are fans of the entertainers on FOX News do not listen to Hip Hop, nor do they understand what you’re talking about.

I get what you’re saying, but you have to consider your audience. You can say that on MTV or BET without any need for explanation to follow. You saw how they looked at you, because you lost them with that analogy. It’s alright, I’ve done it many times.

Mike, I shouldn’t have to explain this to you. I know you understand what I’m saying. Stop talking like that.

Listen, just consider who you’re talking to and quit all of this YO, YO, You know what I’m saying, that’s how we roll talk, what’s the deal son. You’re not Hip Hop and that doesn’t make you cool. Listen, if you want to be ‘down’ (cool) be yourself, do you. Although I can remind some artist of this same fact, but Hip Hop respects individuality. Those who stand out and have been sustainable have an unique style.

People who continue to misrepresent and only seek to profit off it is the problem. From corporations to politicians, it will always appear phony when you’re not authentic. Mike, the GOP is not cool (to true hip hop fans), nor does it care about those who are listeners of the genre by evidence of their actions concerning them.

Perhaps you should target Country Music fans more. Oh that’s right, you’re losing ground there too. Hurry up, Get’r done, you still got time.

I really do feel sorry for you and the party now, but you won’t listen to what I have to say. All I can do is seek to appeal to your better nature in hopes what I may have to say will be received.

Until we speak again, HOLLA!



5 thoughts on “Michael Steele’s GOP Hat

  1. You never heard Frm. Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK) talking like that, you don’t hear President Obama talking like that. You don’t hear other Black or Latino politicians speaking like that.

    There’s a time and place to relax your language, when you’re on the air among other Republicans is not one of those times. If you’re being interviewed on MTV or BET then it’s ok. Either way, you should always be yourself. Hip Hop is more intelligent and articulate than many people give them credit for. I may be of the earlier Hip Hop generation, but the principles are the same, be yourself.

    To try to make the GOP out as the place where all the cool kids hang out is difficult to swallow since there’s absolutely no or extremely little diversity within the national party.

  2. Seems like the GOP is trying to find its way with stabs in the dark instead of a map. Sad … very sad.

  3. Personally, I like Michael Steele’s style. He seems to be enjoying his job and it’s refreshing to hear a politician talk “street.”

    However, I, like Steele’s targed demographic (young people, non-whites), don’t particularly care how the GOP wears its hat, becase that hat just has “No Gays, No Gun Control, No Welfare, No Regulation, and No Moderates” stitched across the front of it. I realize that George W. Bush’s presidency presented a major image problem for conservatism, and that Obama has made liberalism cool as a result. But I’m a liberal not just because it’s cool, but because it’s what I believe.

    If Steele wants to bring young people (and really, people of all ages who aren’t feeling welcome) into the GOP, they are going to have to pick their battles more carefully than just saying no to necessary government spending, no to unions, etc. To mix metaphors, Steele is trying to put lipstick on a pig that has already given people the flu. And I think last year’s election proved that people want to get rid of the pig.

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