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    1. Interesting. The Catholic church is not a Christian church. Catholicism came about during a 400-yr span of time before Christ Jesus came to Earth. Refer to Malachi – Matthew. During this time, there were no Messengers from Heaven, and idol worship came to an all-time high. This is when the Romans became powerful, using their superstitions to persuade people to believe in their made-up religion. Catholic bibles are not Holy Bibles.
      Those who follow Catholicism do not follow Jesus Christ.

  1. When someone protects or supports abortion, is the someone protecting or supporting sin against God’s commands?

    1. First, I thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read what I have to say. I appreciate your response to my question by addressing it with a question, essentially avoiding addressing it.

      It’s a difficult question and knew that many may not understand exactly the point I’m making, but only focusing on abortion. But at least you was willing to respond. I believe the longer you read the blog the more you get the point I’m making.

      Seriously, thanks for reading.

    1. I apologize for the harshness, but I get tired of the hypocrisy so many people, not just Christians continue to publicize and commit. Just be honest. I simply do not know how else to put it. When one can drop the rock of hatred towards a person, a group, a situation or an issue and learn to consider what they do not like in order to understand it or them then we begin to not stone each other with rhetoric or attitudes.

      No one still can answer the question of why I’m not suppose to like or love someone just because they may disagree with me or they don’t believe what I believe. We all have something in common and it’s actually very easy to discover only when you open your mind to see and receive it.

      Yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir right now, but I just wish I could figure out how I can get that point across to people that they begin to try it out for themselves.

      Anyway, thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. This may be rhetorical. What does disliking or not loving someone have to do with criticizing the someone?

    If I am not allowed to criticize the President (or others) for being pro choice, is the reason because I am too much of a sinner or because the President is too much of a good guy?

    When is some other beyond the criticism of a sinner and when is a sinner ever allowed to criticize some other?

    1. No one is even saying that you can not be critical of President Obama. Why is this always the excuse when people do not want to answer the questions asked. I’ve disagreed with President Obama, but it’s very interesting that when President Bush and even Clinton did something the same people who are all up in arms about a position were mysteriously silent.

      This is the second time and you still fail to address any of the questions, so I must assume that you do not have an answer for them. Because you keep focusing on President Obama instead of the questions asked that goes beyond any politician. Ignore, avoid or dismiss the questions if you’re uncomfortable with them. I personally give up trying to get closed minded people to consider others. I just give up, it’s useless.

      Perhaps you can read another post to disagree with me upon, even then I doubt that I would get a straight answer.

  3. Your question about why you should not like someone you disagree with seems important to you. Nothing I know stops you from liking someone you disagree with.

    Your “Pro truth agenda” title seems to make your liking those you disagree with insignificant.

    Is truth based on what or who we like?

    Should the truth of abortion rest on our preferences, science, or a deity?

    1. Once again, I give up with you. Believe whatever you wish to believe. You miss the point. And there’s no need to continue talking to a brick wall.

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