Contempt of Congress

I don’t remember who originally made the quote “Whatever it is, whatever it does, it’s best to keep it out of the hands of politicians”, but it’s appearing to be true.

As I watch our politicians in office today I am increasingly finding myself in contempt of Congress. Not all of its members, but a growing consensus of them.

I promise they just keep pushing and pushing someone like me who will unapologeticly stand up to fellow Democrats and especially Republicans who are being pimped by the banks and other financial institutions to act on their behalf instead of the constituents who actually put them in office to seriously consider running for Congress.

Believe me I completely understand that it would be an uphill journey, because some will just see a 30-something year old Black guy and dismiss me as one of the numerous stereotypes of what they do not understand and fail to consider as equal all the while foolishly believing that I will not be concerned about them because of the color of their skin as they measure mine. I refuse to accept the narrow confines of that perception.  Some may see the D (Democrat) after my name and oppose me, just because it isn’t an R (Republican) or and I (Independent). Some will look at my resume and say he has no political experience, why should I consider voting for him. All of this is fine. You can do that, and continue to be politically turned out in every way by the partisan pimpin’ politicians using taxpayers like their best girl.

Who is going to have the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said, take the political hits that will come, but remain consistent and true to those who put them in office and they represent?

Yes, some may say I wouldn’t be able to work the system to get things done. I’m not politically savvy enough to deal with Washington and Big Business. Why do will allow people to represent us and not hold them accountable?

All Republicans are not idiots; homophobic, religiously bias, racist, persistently negative fear mongorers as some unconsciencously promote themselves to be. All Democrats are not passive, moraless, tax and spenders as some mistakenly promote themselves to be. There are a few who do have you in mind. The problem is that they are usually undercut by those members of their party who are power hungry and attention starved and seek political validation. I see very, very, very few who are willing to stand up and speak out against this.

I give President Obama credit; I’m encouraged by his success, intellect and management abilities. Perhaps I too can make it through the gauntlet of opposition, but I am not as smooth as he and others I admire, who all happens to not be in Congress. Well one use to be.

I’m not encouraged to run, because I do not want to put the spotlight of public scrutiny on members of my family and inner-circle who wish not to be so public. I do admit that the urge is becoming more difficult to remain silent as some Democrats and practically every Republican oppose the good of the people for the good for the corporations. I’m not against businesses, but the greed of some who are in business.

IF I decide to run for political office I’m sure many will talk bad about me, use the words within this blog against me. Some who calls themselves friends will privately forsake me because they fear radical truth, but I wouldn’t forsake them when it comes down to protecting them against the attacks of what’s right and true.

Yes, I’m becoming disenchanted with many politicians, but not politics itself. The non-sense that goes on is the culprit. Quit jocking for power and position yourself with the people. Be honest and govern with truth, equality and true fairness. It’s not easy, but somebody has to do it.

I’m not rich enough to run for office, I’m just a regular guy. I may not be like you, but I’m sure given the opportunity you’ll see where I’m just like you.


5 thoughts on “Contempt of Congress

  1. As you know I’ve said these points before;

    GW and Cheney weren’t the two biggest problems the pa st eight years .. nor we’re Bill and Hillary the 8 years before that … nor are the special interest groups … the biggest problems? …. the two major parties themselves as because they are simply a conglomerate of special interests.

    Let’s see … they start with endorsing candidates in their own primary. Once elected into office, they hold members accountable by threatening to withdrawal future financial support if they vote against particular party lines.

    I stand by former senator’s statement … if you go to Washington to do what is right, you won’t get re-elected.

    Well done Tim.

    By the way … don’t run … it won’t be worth it because you aren’t willing to sell your soul.

    1. I would like to add that George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan to that list to. I began getting interested in politics during the Carter Administration, although I was only 8 years old at the time. That may explain some things for a few people regarding me and politics. A little too young to really recall much of the Ford & Nixon Administrations.

      If I ever ran for a political office it would be an uphill journey, because once I’m taken seriously the entire political system is coming after me, because of my willingness to make them accountable. Don’t worry you probably will not see any Tim for President 2016 signs or even Valentine for Congress 2014, but if Joe the Plumber runs you can bet my Black behind that I’m running. My campaign slogan will simply read “WTH”. 🙂

  2. It’s a crying shame that a man has to overly consider the ramifications of running for a political office, which will undoubtedly involve attacks from the republican hate machine, to the detriment of actually devoting time to studying ways of serving the applicable community.

    One only has to consider what happened to former State Representative Nathan Vaughn who was the direct victim of “racist” and “disgraceful” and blatently false shenanigans from the Tennessee excuse for republicans.

    Political reality in Tennessee, especially Northeast Tennessee, can’t be denied, I suppose.

    Nevertheless, I hope events go well for you whatever your decision regarding jumping into the political arena may be.

    1. 🙂 First thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I’ve seriously considered running for a political office, but have been both encouraged to do so and discouraged not to get into it. I believe they know that I would be fair and honest, but don’t want to see me unfairly attacked or fear that I would viciously respond to the attacks and be no better than my attackers.

      The thing that really discouraged me was in the U.S. Senate Race in 2006 between Bob Corker & Harold Ford, Jr. If it wasn’t for Corker’s call for help by Karl Rove with the “Call Me Harold” ad that played on Southern White Fear of Black men and White women we probably would have a different Senator from TN today. That along with many other things showed me that if I was to run for office I would have to contend with a Republican Party that would use race to scare voters and misrepresent the truth at any cost. I couldn’t go for that. Even though I protested the ad when it came out, I saw how it has affected the political atmosphere. We got another taste of it during 2008.

      I’m too hardcore for the Democratic Party to allow anyone to get away with it. I’m not sure if I would get into a race just yet. I don’t have the millions of dollars needed to run an effective campaign, nor the name recognition as a Harold Ford or any other politician. If I do decide I would be honest which is rare for a politician these days. 🙂

  3. The Pres ran and took all the flak that was thrown at him. Others have as well. I think you can too, and do a fine job of it. You don’t even have to tell people that you know SteadyCat. I’m fine with supporting you from the background. Now go get it done. Cheers.

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