A Republican Joke

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After Sen. Specter’s defection to the Democratic Party as a result in part from the perception that the GOP has moved too far right, the GOP responds by placing a moderate as the ranking Republican with a very conservative Southern Republican who represents everything that has driven Specter and other moderate Republicans out of the party.

Sen. Pete Sessions (R-AL) is one of the most conservative senators, taking hard-line positions on issues such as immigration, civil rights, torture and affirmative action.

His nomination as a judge in 1986 ran into trouble when civil rights groups complained that he had pursued politically motivated voter-fraud charges against black leaders as a U.S. attorney in south Alabama. Others came forward to say he had made racially insensitive comments, including calling groups like the NAACP “un-American” and agreeing with someone else’s statement that a white civil rights lawyer was “a disgrace to his race.”

That leads me to begin to understand why he thought this joke was funny.

I didn’t think the Klu Klux Klan was all that bad, until you learned that some of them smoke marijuana.” – 1986 Judicial Nominee Pete Sessions

Hold on, before you respond just wait it gets better…

In 1986 Joe Biden was a senator from Delaware that was on the Senate Judicial Committee. This is how he immediately responded to Pete Sessions, “Do you not think it was insensitive to say that in front of a Black man, after a Black man had just been brutally beaten and hung?”

So your boy Pete Session responded the way any good ole boy would respond, culturally insensitively, “Senator, my impression of the situation was that it was so ludicrous that anybody would think that I was supporting the Klan that he would not be offended by it.

Whatever Mr. Session’s view of the Klan may be today, the remark he made was not made in a joking manner.” – Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Figures (One of the lawyers in Session’s office at the time of the statement)

Seriously, you really think that was funny.

Republicans, is this who you really want to have represent you on matters of justice and civil rights in the senate?

Oh yes, I want to be Republican now. You have a Black man as a chairman, that’s all I need. Why should I consider reason, equality or fairness in judicial matters? The hell with justice, the hell with civil rights, the hell with cultural awareness, just show me a Black person and I’m all for it.

<Insert any number of derogatory adjectives of choice here> PLEASE! You’ve got to be kidding me.

So I ask the question again to Republicans, especially those who have align themselves with the politics of Pete Sessions. Why are you silent? If you want to suggest that you don’t see color how can you sit in silence when one of your own makes such a ridiculously outrageous statement? Unless you agree with it. I would love to hear your response to the question anything else will be deleted. You can not accuse me of being bias on this sort of issue, because I have called out Democrats who have resorted to the same tactics, regardless of their race.

Each time I’ve called on Republicans to speak up on this issue all I get is silence, but let me start talking about taxes or abortion and I can’t shut you up. Well speak up now. The party seems to not be able to validate itself without an enemy or something to protest or be upset about. Well this should upset you, but this is not just about some 23 year old joke, but the works and attitudes of the person who uttered those words since that time.

He’s record of insensitivity and intolerance is too long for me to comment on each instance, but I ask you to check for yourself by going to SourceWatch (a non-partisan project of the Center for Media & Democracy) to learn about Mr. Session. If you’re a Republican this is who your ‘leaders’ selected to represent the Republican Party and what it values in terms of judicial matters in the senate. (CLICK HERE TO VISIT SITE)

I challenge you to come up with a defense for some of his actions. I’m sure some will tip toe away from addressing his position on civil rights and immigration, but I can’t see how you can remain silent over his arresting opposition on torture.

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5 thoughts on “A Republican Joke

  1. Hi Tim,

    Seems lately the Republicans cannot even get out of their own way; nevertheless, some of us loyalist will hang in there until a new Captain can start to right the ship so to speak. Hope all is well. Thanks for another thought-provoking post sir. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I know it’s not all Republicans. It actually disturbs me to see the GOP do this to itself. I know I’m just a Democrat, but I don’t want to see a party taken over by its extreme. That’s what’s happening to the GOP today, just like it did with Democrats years ago.

      What I wrote two days about in my tribute to Jack Kemp “The Last Good Republican” is what I hope Republicans consider. My point of view of the Republican Party is from my experiences as a Black man in the American south, a demographic the party has had very difficult time talking to, even when invited.

      I see who should be driving the conservative ship, it’s just getting the pirates off of it so he or she can. Perhaps a certain moderate governor from a citrus producing state is my suggestion.

      Next week is completely different topics. Enjoy the rest of the week Al. You’re a good guy.

  2. Your rant is as useless as your clumsy flinging of names.

    “Pete Sessions???” Over and over, you harangue about “Pete Sessions” and “Pete Session” and “Mr. Session.”

    You really DON’T EVEN KNOW the name of Alabama’s U.S. Senator, do you?


    1. 🙂

      What’s interesting is that you did exactly what I though you would do, avoid answering or addressing any of the questions asked. I did mistakenly type Pete Session at the beginning instead of Jeff Sessions which you’ll find referenced. But that still doesn’t explain why YOU can not answer the questions. ARE YOU SCARED.

      The next thing, why do you fail to put a real email address for me to respond. What are you afraid of? I may challenge you personally on the questions asked in which you are obviously incapable of answering because your arguments are unsustainable to any amount of reason.

      ANSWER THE QUESTIONS if you’re going to be brave enough to respond. The pathetic one is you, because by your silence you basically are endorsing what JEFF Sessions said.

      You’re weak and have nothing but empty promises to stand upon as your moral authority. You can’t even answer the questions or address the problems that has plagued the Republican party for decades. How do you answer for that?

      I have repeatedly ask the question and YOU prove my point of what the majority of the non-moderate Republicans cling to. I’m not afraid of debating theses issues. I’m more considerate than what you think. Open your mind if you can.

      The thing about it, I’ve received baseless comments like this for awhile and I’ve learned not to be upset with the person, but what the person has been lead to believe without even researching the issue. My hands are unclinched and open for discussion on the questions asked. The question is how you will respond.

      Either way, I will most likely end up having to depend on Moderate Republicans to be the voice of reason on the right, because the rest of the party has been taken over by illogical ideologues hell bent on turning back the clock of progress. I’m tired of waiting on you to get it. I will welcome my Moderate Republican friends to walk with me to do what’s best for everyone, not just a few.

      BTW: Since I’m so pathetic, I would love to know what you think about my post a few days ago titled “The Last Good Republican”.

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