Seeking The Possible

It is no secret in America and to be honest throughout many countries of the world that getting elected to a political office is not an easy task. We have had politicians and even a few presidents steal, kill and destroy democracy to quench their thirst for political power throughout the world including the United States.

So it’s often recognized to be an even more difficult task for any minority to obtain the desired office of the land or area. The opposition you face is now disguised as ones problems with your position on a particular issue, because that’s the socially acceptable form of political discrimination. Many are not bold or honest enough to publicly admit the true meaning of their dissent. Of course the position someone takes can or may be the reason you don’t like someone, but often that’s not the only reason.

The motives of those who consider or run for public office are vast. Some only seek to gain power for selfish reasons, others seek to help a segment of the population they serve and live amongst, but there are some who have the desire to change the world and right a wrong.

In the United States there’s has been a void in our politics and how we think of those who and/or should represent us. We’ve seem to be caught in an inescapable web of comformality. I should not run, because I wouldn’t be elected because of… We’re limited to our own perceptions of what is possible and impossible without recognizing our abilities. Many are bound to the limitations we set for ourselves and arrested by the opinions of others who are confined themselves.

Recently we have began to see an awakening within the consciousness of people who were once thought of as the second or lower classes of society. This has typically been viewed as the minorities of our society. Depending on where you live in the world the minorities are often people of color and women, but I would like to include to this category the recognition of gay/lesbian members of our societies too. It’s normally the groups of people who are often discriminated against when you think about it, regardless of where you live who tend to face the greater amounts of opposition when running for public office.

Although President Obama was not the first president to be Black, he is the first in America. This has forced many to confront their own views and attitudes towards others. Often we discover the bigot within or some deep seeded bias that we never recognized until today. Those who are the minorities face the same realizations. We often fail to embrace the reality of our similarities and continue to cling to the differences we were taught or shown. This has been a great hinderance to social progress.

The awakening seems to be growing, although it still faces great oppositions we continue to find people willing to step out there and see what was thought of as impossible is possible. Barack Obama proved it for many in America. Hillary Clinton encouraged many that it is possible. Now we are seeing women of many races, Black, Latino, Asian, Arab and White considering the possible. More Black and Latino men who tend to get the brunt of the opposition are entering the political arena in growing numbers.

In 2006, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. almost become the first Black Senator from Tennessee, a former slave state and still racially segmented. With the assistance of Karl Rove and the use of racial politics to scare just enough voters that we moving towards Ford to reconsider, allowing themselves to unsophisticated themselves by clinging to the old racial fears that has dominated politics for years.

In the same year we saw the emergence of Duval Patrick to the governor’s office in Massachusetts, the first in his state and only second in U.S. History. There’s many more instances, but to mention two other individuals one Democrat, the other Republican who are seeking to reveal the possible are Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) and Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK). Both of these Black men are seeking to become the governor of their respective states. If elected they would be the first person of color to do so within their state. I wish them much success.

This is a subject that will be continued, but out of interest of time and space I will end it here.

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