The Political Isle of Patmos

Quick Note: It is useless for me to even believe that I will ever have a constructive conversation with many of the Republicans or Conservatives that have moved to the far right. You refuse to even listen to Moderate Republicans now, so why should I even continue to talk to you as if it would result in anything constructive. You’re enslaved to a destructive ideology that honestly should not be attributed to the Republican Party, but insanity. I give up on you. You can stay on your political Isle of Patmos.

There’s something to be said when you have Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney actively campaigning to Republicans not to moderate and reject the advice of one of the few respected Republicans, resorting to calling him names and accusations.

I believe I now fully understand the frustration that many Moderate Republicans must be experiencing in dealing with their fellow party members. Many have moved so far to the right that you have to pay extra to even FedEx reason to them.

When well respected Republicans such as the late former statesman Jack Kemp, former Secretary of State General Colin Powel and other leading moderate Republicans are automatically dismissed, threaten with retaliation of their support and a campaign of discredit begins against them because they speak the truth to you, what else is it for a Democrat like me to say?

I give up. One can only say so much and then you have to allow people to realize what you’ve been telling them for themselves.

How do you reconcile the statements of both Rush Limbaugh and the concurrence of the statement by Dick Cheney regarding Colin Powel against logic and reality?

While appearing on CBS: Face the Nation this past Sunday (05/10/09), former Vice President Dick Cheney was questioned during the interview whether the former Secretary of State is even a Republican anymore. Amazingly Dick Cheney said he was siding with Rush Limbaugh over Powell in the ongoing dispute between the conservative talk show host and the moderate retired general.

Well, if I had to choose in terms of being a Republican, I’d go with Rush Limbaugh. My take on it was Colin had already left the party. I didn’t know he was still a Republican.” (Source Link)

Consider that Rush Limbaugh has lamented that Colin Powell only voted for Obama because of race.

Do you really want to go down this road with Rush? Let’s just stop at the corner and see where this line of reasoning would lead us. Then you can decide if you want to cross the street with me or walk with Rush & Cheney.

  1. It is foolish to suggest or make statements that would insinuate that a former Secretary of State under any administration, but in this case Gen. Colin Powell is politically unsophisticated enough to vote for someone because of race. This argument opens the door to a line of questions that easily reveals the depth of your political sophistication. There’s no historical proof, pattern or basis to support this argument in regards to Colin Powel.
  2. If this was even true that means that one can assume you or even a vote for a Republican indicates that you are only voting against Obama because of race or only for McCain because of race.
  3. This is one of the many reasons why the GOP will continue to have difficulties diversifying itself, this sort of attitude.

You tell me that race doesn’t matter, but it matters to you. Your comprehension of race, culture and diversity is unsophisticated when you adopt this method of ideology. Relating to such a culturally, historically unaware individuals as Rush Limbaugh exemplifies your lack of political sophistication. This line of thinking will lead you no where.

I can keep going on this line of questioning.

To make this assumption about Colin Powell and/or agree with the assumption means that the only people who would have ever been able to vote for President would have been White Men. Let’s not go into the Women’s Suffrage Movement or the Civil Rights Movement. If we look back at voting laws in the U.S. I believe we can find those discriminatory laws. Do you really want to go down this street? Go ahead and align yourself with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh and you will find yourself at a political, social and ideological Dead End.

Curse me if you wish, dismiss what I have to say, and continue to avoid what is true. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Perhaps you should consider what they’re saying. And to those who wish to use this line against me in substitute of addressing the questions and considering what is posed to them I ask you to think again before submitting a comment. I’m going to insist you recognize what is true. You can disagree with me, but you can’t dispute what’s true.

Moderate Republicans, I know some of you may not want to fully embrace the Democratic Party, but you’re welcome. We’re not perfect and will disagree with each other, but your voice will be heard and valued. We have a couple of crazy people too, and sometimes needs a swift kick in the pants to get going, but you will be considered.

As for as what remains of the Republican Party, I wish you luck. I hope you seriously consider the advice and do something about Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and FOX News. Seriously, they are lethal.

You don’t need an enemy for validation. Continuous opposition is unhealthy as you’re discovering now. Listen to those who are moderates or should I say the true Republicans of your party. I may not be a Republican, but hate, discrimination, discord and malice is our common enemy. It takes all of us to defeat it. When you act on your own it will surely defeat you.

As I suspend my campaign for reason with the extremes of the Republican Party I ask them to say good-bye to the out-dated political positions that is destroying your party. Change has come to America and the world, please join the rest of us in it or become obsolete. You refuse to listen to anyone, so what else is there to say.

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10 thoughts on “The Political Isle of Patmos

  1. Tim,
    I reviewed the Face the Nation interview … barf!

    Although Mr. Cheney proclaims the admin kept us safe AFTER 9-11 … but why not before?

    1. I know, but whenever I mentioned it someone always get upset addressing the truth. I keep forgetting that Bush/Cheney were the only ones that can protect us. 😐

  2. PS: On the Isle of Patmos … now there’s a place I didn’t think I’d encounter today.

  3. For all of Joe Biden’s gaffes, I’m glad we have a vice president now who’s actually personable, who crisscrosses the country talking to everyday folks, and who is visible in day-to-day affairs. Cheney rarely surfaced during his eight years in office except to shoot people and declare Saddam Hussein a threat.

    Good post. I guess Cheney assumed that since Powell jumpedd ship on the Bush Administration before it crashed into the iceberg, he had also abandoned his party. But you know, if you set a building on fire, it’s only natural that people will want to run away from it. So Cheney should really be reevaluating what caused Powell to defect in that manner (i.e. the Administration’s horrible leadership), not why he’s suddenly unworthy of being called a Republican.

  4. You said,

    “It is useless for me to even believe that I will ever have a constructive conversation with many of the Republicans or Conservatives that have moved to the far right.”

    Here I am, Tim. Let’s have a discussion. I am a conservative, not a Republican.

    As for the post, I see nothing in it but aspersions that somehow people on the right are bad and can’t be reasoned with. It is one long ad hominem. There is not one refutation of an IDEA. I expect better of you if I’m going to stay around for discussion.

    1. And I appreciation our discussion. You are one of few who are willing to identify with the far right who is willing to halfway have a conversation. I’ve tried for months and have only been called N*gger, MF, and a few other names. Some that were used during the campaign like Uppity by one fine gentleman too afraid to leave his actual email address. The other Republicans who have been open-minded enough to read this blog and consider what I’m saying have not associated themselves with the far right that I’m speaking about. Like I’ve said many times before, it’s not the entire Republican Party that I have a problem with. But it is difficult to deny what the party has done and continues to do that pushes people away from them.

      I understand that you’re new to this blog, so you haven’t had the opportunity to learn my background. I’m not as bad as some say or think that I am, nor is the Democrats or Republicans or any other group. I am a Democrat, but I don’t always agree with them on every single issue. Just keep on reading and you’ll see what I’m getting at eventually.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. There are kids and idiots on both sides of most issues. Just as you’ve met some of them on the right, I’ve run into many lefties who resort immediately to invective when faced with reason.

    I agree that the Republican party has done things to push people away. I am disgusted with the spending and inaction on border security. But am I certainly not going to flee to the Democrats, they are worse.

    1. I have a different opinion, but like I’ve said before. My life experiences are different than yours. My reality is different than yours, so I can see it differently and hold the same level of contempt for the Republican Party as you do the Democratic Party.

      On to another issue is, why is it that I can’t get anyone who disagrees with me politically to ever say anything nice on the non-political issues. Tell me what you think about the other post like “Listen”, “Common Ground” or even going back a few months “Whites in Black History”. I know some are not comfortable speaking about race or even relationships, but there’s more on here than politics. I’m sure there’s common ground somewhere.

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