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I believe one of the best things in life and most under appreciated expressions of love is unconditional listening. I’ve learned that it’s just better and easier and more affective to love than it is to hate.

We’re often in such a hurry to get where we’re going at the moment or in life to slow down and listen. The answer we seek is often clear, but we don’t allow ourselves to see it. We’re in a rush to be right, in a rush to be first and rushed to be acknowledged that we express our impatience more than patience.

Listening is easy to do when you’re patient. Listening takes an open-mind and an open-heart to receive what is being offered. To love is to listen. Intimacy involves listening. Listening is an expression of respect. Listening involves sincerity, sincerity requires honestly and truth.

We are often perverted by our lack of patience and desire to listen. This leads us to believe lies and ultra-conservative opinions based on fear and/or misconceptions. (The ultra-conservative statement is not referring to politics.)

Take the time to listen. Listen to what others are saying to you. Listen to what is not being said. Listen to yourself and what you’re saying to others through words, silence and actions. Then validate that against love, consideration and reconciliation. Perhaps it’s not them, but you.

I appreciation those of you who frequently comment on my thoughts, ideas and suggestions. My gratitude is offered to both positive and negative comments.

Although I receive more positive than negative comments, I view the negative as a valuable opportunity. You’ve taken the first step by listening (reading in this case) to what I have to say. Even if you fail to read it all or read it with the intent to express grievances without consideration to the message, you were still exposed to a different point-of-view and I to yours.

Listening doesn’t mean you will always agree, or will accept what is being said. You don’t have to agree with me for us to be friends.

Some of the people who I call my friends may disagree with me or I with them on an issue or decision or position they’ve accepted. Why should I allow that to discriminate our possibilities of seeking common ground? You see that’s the point I’ve tried to express day after day, week after week and moth after month on this blog, but only few have truly listen. We learn when we listen.

I can not make you listen, love, respect, reconcile or accept anything or anyone when you close your mind to opportunity and possibilities. All I can hope for is that you may listen to what I have to say.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts, ideas and suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Yet another Excellent post, Tim! Yes, Listening is a good thing. Hope all is well. Have a wonderful weekend sir.

    1. Thanks Al.

      I’ve finally grown weary of hammering away at politics. I’ve pretty much given up. There will be some things I’ll discuss, but will begin to focus more on other issues or the issue itself that’s being discussed in the political arena.

      Have an excellent weekend. 🙂

  2. Sometimes the only common ground you will find with someone is consideration, civility, and respect. Too many are not satisfied with that and go away thinking that “there must be something wrong with them” because of a person’s beliefs.

    Later, they find themselves in the company of inconsiderate, uncivil, disrespectful jerks who agree with them on issues and somehow think that their “friends” are OK.

    This is the point where one should think “Perhaps it’s not them, but you.”

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