Non-Violent Communication

I don’t know how I ran across this interview, but I’m glad I did. There’s so much good information in here that relates to what I’ve tried to do on this blog regarding helping people to understand and consider each other that I had to share it.

Regardless of your political, social, religious or personal views I believe this 56 minute interview will be useful.

The New York Society for Ethical Culture & WBAI  “Ethics on Air” broadcast on 04/24/09 interview with Diane Kirschner titled “Non-Violent Communication“. Those who know me either exclusively online or in-person may understand how this topic interested me after listening to it.

Enjoy. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Click Here to Listen –>Non-Violent Communication


4 thoughts on “Non-Violent Communication

  1. Interesting. A bit too touchy-feely for my tastes but I can see the value in it for people who must deal with anger in others.

    I have a different technique for dealing with difficult people – I ignore them first and avoid them later.

    I cringed that Andra Miller was not challenged when she made the statement, “I believe that people who are rough on us are also rough on themselves.” This was after she gave an example of how she was belittled by her boss. This attitude is a way to excuse bad behavior in ourselves and others, it is akin to the logic used by battered wives who stay with their husbands. I think they should have discussed why her boss was such an ass.

    I think that when people think that “nobody is listening” what is really happening is that they don’t understand. People put different meaning into words depending on their background, culture, and worldview. So, even though two people may both be speaking English, the words they use are packed with different meanings that neither side “gets”.

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