Quick Thought

Even as I fight buying into the cynics arguments I hope someone is encouraged by this quick thought.

Never allow someone else tells you what or who you are. I may say or believe that you’re a wonderful person, but that’s based off of what I know. Your level of self-esteem will never rise about the level of what you think who and what you are. It’s alright for me to encourage your, but it will be of little constellation if you don’t believe it or see it for yourself.

Encourage yourself, consider others and be true.  Click Here To Listen


2 thoughts on “Quick Thought

  1. One has to believe in themselves to believe in anything.

    BTW I am following you on Twitter also, even though I really don’t get what Twitter is all about, But at least I think I know what you look like..

  2. “Never allow someone else tells you what or who you are.”

    But…I was so enjoying the “Democratic Socialist Party” moniker the RNC(rip) wanted to hang on us.
    I’m pleased that they liken us to the DSP, because that’s exactly what I am.

    A rare millisecond of correctness in RNC history.

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