An Animated Point

January, approximately two years ago I was watching an animated television series called “The Boondocks”. Some people would not watch the show, because of its use of strong language that some didn’t approve of. Some people even called it a racist cartoon without considering what the show was actually trying to address in terms of race. Yes, it was over the top at times, but very funny if you were open minded enough to receive it.

Although some may be too sensitive to accept this show I enjoyed it. It demonstrated the absurdities of life and many taboo subjects people are often too afraid to speak openly about. Many of these subjects I’ve covered on this blog. You may recognize one of the characters since I’ve use it on this blog. If you get an opportunity I recommend you watch an episode or two.

I’ve selected the video clip below for many reasons. It was one of my favorites, even though some individuals whom I respect protested against it. I believe the entire episode was very respectful and brought out some very important points through the venue of an adult animated comedy. We often do not like to be questioned about what we’re doing and misinterpret the intentions of those who question. Often those who question society are vilified, dismissed, tagged as a trouble maker, cursed and misunderstood. This is often the response or should I say the non-response to their questions. I can not express how much I understand the frustrations of the questioner.

Some may not like or approve of the clip below, but I ask you to seek the meaning of the message and find yourself within it. Then do something about it.


3 thoughts on “An Animated Point

  1. Wow.
    I really do not know if I can really comment.

    But I think You do bring up a great point that this has to make everyone think if they listen to what is being said.

    Just look at the grief some gave Bill Cosby by his comments to school kids and also Then Candidate Barack Obama said some things to upset some.

    1. 🙂 The Boondocks cartoon receives a ton of flack from some people of all races and affiliations. There’s some Blacks (Like myself, so no one can claim I’m injecting race into the conversation) who have a problem with this series, but I love it. I think many people fool themselves to believe they do not have a prejudice bone in their body, because they have a “friend” or “know someone” of a different race. We all are guilty of the things this cartoon makes fun of. I enjoy it because it shines a spotlight on the absurdities of the contradictions. They really don’t get the credit they deserve for this series. Of course there’s some things that goes overboard to make the point, but that’s the world of cartoons in general.

      I’ve held back from releasing another one that’s very controversial, but makes some of the same points I’ve made in previous posts.

      *larry – you’re a good guy and absolutely correct. it’s basically the point i try to get across often, but people tend to believe i’m being racist or injected race without realizing what i’m actually trying to say. the comment i made awhile ago is still true. racism and ignorance shows no bias, anyone can be racist and/or ignorant.* thanks for commenting.

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