Conservative Radio Host Says It Was Absolutely “Torture”

For those who believe that I have an ax to grind with Conservatives and/or the Republican Party, please allow me to make this statement as clearly as possible. I do not have a problem with individuals who choose to be Conservatives even those who have issues with me being Liberal. I respect your embrace of conservatism, just as I appreciate those who respect my embrace of moderate liberalism (isn’t that just as oxymoranic as compassionate conservative).

It’s not those who are Conservatives that I have the issue with. It’s not even those who are true Republicans I have issue with. I believe many of the few True Republicans or should I say the Moderate Republicans do not like the extreme the GOP has gone and continues to go either. It’s not necessarily the Republican Party I have the issue with, but the extreme, exclusionist element that has hijacked the GOP is the problem. Now I do not pretend that the Democratic Party is perfect either, but I’m sure someone will accuse me of suggesting such.

Now I’ve said all that I believe I need to say in regards to the issue of torture, which includes waterboarding. I’m still amazed by those who feel the need to defend the use of torture. I’ve personally given up seeking common ground with these individuals in hopes they will some day realize their error and join the rest of us, both Liberals and Conservatives in our collective outrage on the use and endorcement of torture by the Bush/CHENEY Administration.

I give Eric “Man Cow” Muller, an extreme right-wing radio talk show host from Chicago credit for actually doing what so many who agreed with him (at least before this incident) in regarding waterboarding wouldn’t do, such as Sean Hannity. Mr. Muller didn’t believe waterboarding was torture and has repeatedly told his radio audience such among many other things for awhile. Since so many refuse to listen to the reasoning of Liberals or Moderate Conservatives, perhaps they will consider the words of one of their own.

Thank You Mr. Muller for having the courage to stand by your claims and test to see if waterboarding is torture.

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4 thoughts on “Conservative Radio Host Says It Was Absolutely “Torture”

  1. Tim,
    I’m right with you on your description about the traditional Republicans. About 4-6 years ago I told my father-in-law about the party getting hijacked, of course he demonstrated his lack of understanding of what I was saying by ragging on Senator Kennedy … but today he understands as he’s not on Rush.

    I know you read this, but for your readers, here’s one of my posts supporting Tim’s point about this.

    1. At least someone understands that my grip isn’t against all Republicans, but there’s people who claim to be Republicans who has so distorted the principles of the party that it’s finally reached the fabric of the party itself. The Democrats have made similar mistakes, but have realized that being inclusive is the key.

      I would go into detail, but I just don’t feel like going any further today. I understand your father-in-law’s aversions towards the DNC, because it’s the same aversions many people I know have towards the RNC. They both are guilty, it’s just one has now got the upper hand in the argument. The way to gain support is to be sincerely inclusive in action and not words.

      Side Note: Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh & Newt Gingrich are actually helping the Democrats strengthen their position. I don’t know what Republican who honestly have the courage to tell them to SHUT-UP, because Michael Steele is just going alone to get along. Someone needs to say it, because as long as they are allowed to keep talking the further in the tank they put the GOP. Bobby Jindal, Eric Cantor and Sarah Palin are not the replacements. I’m telling you Moderates are the answers, but we know what Cheney, Rush & Newt thinks about Moderates.

      What would be terrifying to Democrats would be a Colin Powel/Charlie Crist ticket. You would have to put Obama/Clinton to counter it or a Bill Richardson/Cory Booker. But that’s my political dream of an ideal campaign.

      Perhaps we should run for office on the same ticket. I’ll even tone it down a notch. Our slogan can be “Putting Reason & Logic back into Politics” or my favorite “What The Hell…” if we want to go that route. 🙂

  2. See there? Just one with the courage to seek the truth and what happens? The truth is found. Then, he even had the courage to admit it.

    Maybe next we can attach a car battery to Dick Cheney’s long lost cojonies and see how he likes it.

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