Never Good Enough

Many years ago a racially conscience teacher (who was a White male) told me a truth that was a bit shocking to come from a White male. Although he was not your average guy regardless of race. He told the class “Whenever a Non-White (Black, Latino, Asian, Arab, and Native American) enters a room or position first, the whole race enters in with them.”

This was shocking because I already knew this to be true, but how did he know this? He instantly earned my respect while I was in High School. I was fortunate enough to be apart of one of the most racially, religiously and economically diverse schools in the state. So it was common place to be among people who doesn’t look like you and the social environment was beyond inclusive.

Perhaps that’s my problem. I see nothing wrong with diversity and inclusiveness and it bothers me when I see people who are not open-minded enough to consider another point-of-view.

I understand that some individuals will never fully comprehend the denigrating act of discrimination many endure. The ridiculous accusation of reverse racism in effort to defend their perceived social superiority demonstrates the lack of understanding of racism and/or discrimination.

When you understand that racism and/or discrimination itself does not do what it is, then you begin to realize why you shouldn’t be or do it. Racism is not racist. Anyone of any race can be a racist and demonstrate racism. Discrimination does not discriminate. Anyone can discriminate. So why do we continue to deceive ourselves with actions that isn’t what it is? (Confusing statement, but just think about it)

To be a woman of any race throughout the world you probably have experience some level of discrimination from insecure men seeking to maintain their perceived power.

Latinos in the U.S. are routinely perceived as an illegal immigrant regardless if they were born and raised in the U.S. Completely unfair. The endless fighting in the Middle East, the age old disputes over land and territory between Israelis and Palestinians seem to never cease.

Blacks, well I can go on for hours on this one. As a Black male I can not begin to list how many times I’ve been labeled something that I’m not, even by some who comment on this blog. I believe this one is understood.

Asian, Native-American, poor and/or uneducated Whites are looked down upon by society. Should I even begin with the levels of Gay bashing in our homophobic societies and places of worship? The Arab and Muslim communities are instantly vilified without cause or reason. The thoughts, ideas and suggestions of misguided perceptions are ruining the world. Let’s not even start with the religious bigotry that continues to this day. The Church of any cut of the cloth is not excluded from these activities either.

So I understand the notion of you always have to be twice as good to be considered average by some, but why do we care or even allow our self worth to be measured by the criteria of individuals whose values are skewed, lack empathy and morality is flawed?

Of course I will have my detractors, because they like to identify themselves.

I have continuously strive to hammer this message home to those willing to consider it, this time is no different. Perhaps one day when a minority walks into a room or seeks a position he/she will not be seen as their race or preference (religious or sexual) first, but by the content of their character. I believe we’re finally moving in that direction despite those who insist on opposing it.

Understand that minorities discriminate just like White males do. Women are just as sexist as men. What many fail to do is stop to consider the person they are opposing. If so, we all would realize that I’m just like you and you like me. Once true empathy, concern and compassion are sincerely expressed just maybe we’ll stop the needless Hell we put ourselves through and learn to live and have concern for each other like civilized human beings.

Maybe the silent lessons learned when I was in Jr. High and High School actually stuck. So as I continue do what I can to help people better understand each other I tell anyone who feels they will never be good enough in the eyes of others to never allow yourself to adopt an inferior attitude from people who want you to believe they are superior to you.

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7 thoughts on “Never Good Enough

  1. this is my first day with wordpress and you are the first blog i visited. I absolutely love this post, you are so honest and such a captivating writer. I could not click on until I thank you for sharing these words. The world can change and be a better place, this is proof for today. Peace for all

    1. Well Thank You. I feel honored. I appreciate the encouragement, because it get’s lonely at times. Taboo subjects are only taboo, because people are too afraid to talk about them openly and honestly. I invite you to visit me often. I’ve taken a few days off this past weekend from writing, but I’m back to my daily routine again.

      Everyone, please visit “Life Through the Cracks” at

      Enjoy. 🙂

  2. Another good post Tim. You words always stimulate thoughts about not only society as a whole, but more importantly about myself. At least I’m both learning and trying to move forward.

      1. LOL …. just remember one thing…. Since 1990, the Bengals have had I believe ONE …. O-N-E … ONE winning season … so why worry!

      2. 🙂 LOL

        Well if we fall apart like we did towards the end of the season last year I’m going to drive down to LP Field and suit up myself.

  3. Good post, as always. I like how you mentioned that inclusivity of different types of people also necessitates the inclusion of their own prejudices. Just more proof that open-mindedness is always a good thing.

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