Thinking No Longer Required

The obstacles the once stood in the doorway of our individual success continues to obstruct our collective paths toward progress and equality. There are many people within politics, organizations and various media personalities who essentially are standing in that doorway of progress. But our biggest deceiver is ourselves. We’re too busy lying to ourselves and trying to be apart of something or seeking approval to stop and think about what it is we’re doing or saying.

Remembers the old saying that “You may be able to trick people some of the times, but you can’t trick them all of the time“? Well that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to trick you all of the time.

Who’s doing the thinking, you or media? Regardless of whom you choose to be, when you truly embrace love, honesty and truth, your thoughts, attitude and relations change.

I’ve resisted responding to the ignorant claims of the R.N.C., (Rush, Newt & Cheney). A wise elderly woman who was a client of mine many years ago gave me this advice to deal with a few people that wanted to argue about the most pointless things. She told me, “If you stop feeding the stray cat it will eventually go away.” I understood that as saying that I’m fueling ones desire for attention and relevance by continuing an endless conversation with them after points have been made.

So why should I dignify the ridiculous claims from these individuals and others who play the same game? Make your point and continue on. It’s OK to seek consensus or help people better understand each other, but I’ve found it to be too taxing to continue to debate with anyone who only want to disagree.

A conscious mind is a reasoning mind. If you expose yourself to irrational and/or deceptive thoughts or actions as true, it will soon become your truth. Guard yourself with reason, wisdom, logic and ethical truth. Continuing to employ whatever is said to you must be true, because you heard it on the radio, read it in a newspaper or on the internet or seen it on TV philosophy will keep you on the fringe of reality. You’ll find yourself making ridiculous claims without validating the facts with reality.

Consideration, logic and empathy are no longer required in our society today. Whether in politics, religion, education or relationships. All many of us do is watch, read, listen and repeat is needed. Think about what you’re saying, analyze what you project and demonstrate concern and consideration before reacting.

Thanks my thought, idea and suggestion for today. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking No Longer Required

  1. Be careful Tim … you asking/expecting people to think on their own … and given the popularity of the talking heads, not sure how probable it is … which is your point.

    1. 🙂 Well I’m just trying not to go completely off on people. It’s not that difficult to do. If someone tells me the sky is green and I look up at it and see that it’s grey or blue I know they’re either crazy or up to something. Why argue? It’s that simple. Just think about what people are telling you or what you hear or read and analyze is for yourself.

      Oh Well, I know that I’m preaching to the choir.:)

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