Promote Life, Not Death

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I’ve tried to take a slightly easier approach on various taboo subjects, because some people are touchy or too afraid to address these subjects with complete unbiased honesty. Not all issues are easily resolved, because people and organizations have invested themselves too deeply and injected rhetoric that has become to profound that it has defined the cause. No one seems to have the desire to reconcile anything or anyone, just going along to get along and hoping it doesn’t confront them. The truth of the details doesn’t matter anymore, just perceptions. I don’t want to think about it is not a strategy, just reaction.

The last time I discussed abortion on this blog I received a few people who missed the point I was making or choose not to even read what I had to say. They just choose to react. He’s talking about abortion and it doesn’t sound like the things I usually hear. So you equate that as for I’m supporting your opposition?

Choosing to ignore the problem is the problem. It doesn’t solve anything, but makes it worse. Simply ignoring the obvious is ridiculous. I just want people to strive towards truthfulness, consideration and tolerance.

The blood that is staining the hands of many people who are Pro-Life is the acts of violence, tactics of intimidation and hypocrisy. I have no problem with your position, but how can a person be Pro-Life, but promote and celebrate death at the same time?

What have you become when you contradict your cause?

How can someone distinguish you from those you oppose? If you are to be pro-life, promote life.

The murder of Dr. George Tiller shines the light of hypocrisy onto a growing number of people who are claiming something that they’re not. You are what you do. When I see the glee and listen to the affirmations from many pro-life groups/organizations celebrating death by murder of someone they called a murderer, it makes you wonder what makes them any better than those whom they oppose?

Many like to bring God into the mix as a means of validation for its perverted justification for murder and discrimination. Is one sin greater or less than another sin?

For those who say that there’s a special place in Hell for those who perform abortions and those who have abortions. I ask “where will the people who kill them go?” Either by their words or actions.

If you believe in Hell or Heaven you must have heard something about the Bible. So what part of Matthew 7 you do not understand? What part of “Thou Shall No Kill” do you not understand? What makes you any different than the associations with Hitler, Stalin and any other form of hate you accuse those you oppose? And you have the nerve to use the name of God in vain. Who in Hell are you? But I think that’s the source of the problem we find in the Pro-Life camp. This is not all, but there’s an ugly element that’s staking claim to your agenda.

For those who don’t like to hear me talk about the Bible, Jesus or Christians, just walk with me for a moment. You can believe whatever you want to believe. I just ask you not to allow the corruption and perversion of those who calls themselves Christians be the only representation of what Christianity is. Do not allow people to distort your understanding of who Christ is and what he represents.

The distortion of Christ and the misrepresentation of God is often what you see. To abuse the moral authority of God as protection for your perverted understanding of the Bible is the beginning of your end.

Dr. George Tiller was killed while serving as an usher in his church. When hate rises to the point where you are motivated to murder someone in a church something is wrong. When does the church become unsafe to worship?

I believe I can call four girls from Birmingham that can adequately answer than question. I can find some members of a Knoxville church or a Boston Cathedral or Chicago Masque that can answer that question. I can even go back to biblical times and find a few people that can answer that question.

What have you become?  Look at what Pro-Life is becoming to mean. You’re being hijacked.

Listen, I’m not suggesting abortion is always the right thing to do. But you can not go around killing people or intimidating people who does not agree with your position. If so, we all would be dead or scared to death. Murder, the promotion, avocation or celebration of murder is not Pro-Life, but Pro-Death. Is that what this debate has become? If you do not agree with me I’ll kill you.

Perhaps the FBI, CIA or Department of Justice should begin classifying these sorts of activities with other hate crimes. How do you justify murder fueled by hate? I guess the same way some choose to justify torture. Disagree with the position one takes, but to kill them for it goes beyond disagreement and into insanity and hatred.

How do you justify celebrating someone who walks into a church and kills someone? Using imitation to steal a person’s right to choose is not the way to persuade anyone to consider your position. When you essentially act as a terrorist in the name of Life, destroys the credibility of your cause. Promote Life, not death.

I’m sure I will have a few who will again miss the point. If you can not understand the simplicity of this argument and choose to believe I’m attacking Pro-Life groups or supporting Pro-Choice groups or even abortions then I give up on you. Stop using God to justify what you’re doing. There’s only one who supports death and hatred.

Some in the Pro-Life Movement may try to distance themselves from this, but this is becoming common place and common practice in its association with Pro-Life and those who are associated with it. Pro-Life should mean the Promotion of Life, not the celebration of Death. The Choice is Yours.

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7 thoughts on “Promote Life, Not Death

  1. You continue to demonstrate a timely ability to deeply articulate things that I think about, yet can’t put into words … and then take it deeper than I imagined. Thanks.

    1. Thank you.

      A wise man you know recently told me that so much focus on politics makes you a grumpy person, so I’ve decided to take a different approach. I still get irritated with some of what I hear going on, but it’s never going to change until we do what I’ve been trying to get people to do. Understand and consider each other. I think taking the politics out of the discussion as much as possible helps drive the point home. Some still will not get it and want to argue for reasons stated within this and other posts, but I’m positive that it can be done. We just have to feel comfortable enough to begin talking openly and honestly with each other.

      Psss… Check’s in the mail. 🙂

    I’ve got to add this to the mix, because someone is bound to ask me again. I’m not supporting abortion, but asking you to support people who decide to have one. Think about it, who being supportive of those who are considering it? Every reason for an abortion isn’t for trivial reasons. Think about what you’re doing when you protest against something, whether it be this or some other topic. Consider the other person. Your truth is not the only truth. If we listen and consider each other, perhaps we can make for peaceful resolutions on difficult issues.

  3. I think we are now seeing the reality associated with these hate groups that hide themselves under the name of Christianity. I hope more people take their blinders off so they can see what these people (and Fox news) stand for.

  4. “The blood that is staining the hands of many people who are Pro-Life is the acts of violence, tactics of intimidation and hypocrisy. I have no problem with your position, but how can a person be Pro-Life, but promote and celebrate death at the same time?”


    Therein lies one of the most vivid hypocrisies of our time.
    “Pro-Lifer”, Scott Roeder, kills.

    I hate Abortion, but by God, it has to happen sometimes.
    I don’t want a mother, perhaps with other children, to die so a fetus can be saved.
    These “pro-lifers” are the same people who don’t support Plan B. The cure for abortion. The same people who don’t bat an eye if an 18yo is killed in a criminal war or a teenager is given the death penalty.

    This is not really about religion. These people (Taliban like Roeder) are too twisted to even understand their own claimed faith. They are much like rapists in the way that the power trip and control are the key, not the sex.

    I do not care for abortion, the death penalty or war.
    I think that keeps me well out of the hypocrisy zone. The unfortunate thing is that in certain circumstances, all three can be unavoidable.

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