You Have the Right to Remain Silent

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What do you do or say when you find yourself under arrest?

In the United States if you’re not an off-duty NY police officer apprehending a suspect, you often hear the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent”.

But what do you do when you find yourself under arrest on the silence of an issue that is plaguing so many?

Should you remain silent while the activists of hate continue the terrorist tactics of intimidation, exclusion, fear and violence?

All too often many people remain silent on things they could speak out upon. We have the tendency to accept the tactics of violence, fear, exclusion and intimidation, because it’s not directed at us. We just go along to get along, never wanting to be the one to rock the boat until we see the water pouring in on your vessel of existence.

Many people choose to remain silent on issues of torture, only to reserve their condemnation for private thoughts or intimate conversation in polite company. Many people choose to remain silent on issues of inequality and overt discrimination against groups of people. Many blindly participate in exclusionary propositions and uphold policies of prejudice. Many people choose to remain silent each Saturday and Sunday as many sit in segregated sanctuaries of worship of a book you rarely read and/or loosely apply to your life.

While do we act like a modern day Pontius Pilate and washing our hands of what we know is wrong. The injustice and inequality we accept, because too many of us are afraid to say anything. “It isn’t happening to me” or “Not in my backyard”, so we choose to remain silent.

We’re too busy blaming others for society’s ills without considering our own role in that society. Many of us find ourselves under arrest by what’s going on around us, but have chosen our right to remain silent.

There comes a time where your silence becomes betrayal. We have to demonstrate our concern for others in the actions of our words and deeds. Consider the position of others you disagree with, have little experience with or never pursued the opportunity to know or understand life from their perspective. What are you silent on?

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One thought on “You Have the Right to Remain Silent

  1. I love the line “too busy blaming others.” Wow … says a lot about people, especially in an e-communication world.

    We can also add work ethics to the list. How many times do we keep quiet when we shouldn’t … as you said, for fear of reprisal.

    The Vulcans have the right idea … sort it by logic … disagree with logic … and logic wins … so does humanity because of humane treatment.

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