How Long Will It Take

I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal– Associated Press, 06/07/09 – Scott Roeder

After I read this statement by the murderer of Dr. Tiller, Scott Roeder I was reminded of the question asked by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the steps of the Alabama State Capitol in 1965. How long will it take?

Scott Roeder walked into a church with a gun and without any regards towards the LIFE of the children he and many others proclaim to value, without any respect for a place of worship, without any concern towards the implications of the hypocrisy. He acts as what he accused his victim of being, a murderer.

So as I patiently await a response from those who were so upset and outraged over some of my previous posts regarding abortion and the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debates, I’m amazed by their silence. You were so quick and sure of yourself when you attacked me from my position of considering the positions of those we disagree with, I’m just wondering where you are on this one.

Would you rather engage your guns and religious hypocrisy instead of engaging in an honest and respectable conversation?

I’ve said all I have to say on the subject when I wrote, “The Pro-Truth Agenda” and “Promote Life, Not Death”. I seriously doubt those who generally disagree with most of the things written on this blog will even get the point I’m making in these two posts, but it’s alright. Someone has to disagreeable I guess, why not you. That’s fair.

What isn’t fair is the reconciliation many who do tend to disagree are wrestling with in terms of the trend of radical extremist who commit these crimes in the name of life and sometimes Christ. I think it should be a debate, because there’s not much too truly reconcile when you strive to consider the experiences of others before concluding they are evil or wrong. Fortunately that’s not for me to reconcile. Just like those who somehow can find a way to support torture will continue to support the hypocrisy of those who promote life while advocating death to those who believe you have a choice.

You can disagree with me, curse at me or even refuse to acknowledge me, that’s your choice (no pun intended). I just am amazed at the silence. Silence truly is betrayal. The disconnect between both Pro-Life supporters and Pro-Choice supporters can not be solved until BOTH begin to CONSIDER EACH OTHER. Nothing I can say or do will change the minds of anyone who chooses to remain silent, upset or disconnected towards those they disagree with. I don’t know how anyone can disagree with that.

So I’m finished with my discussion on the subject of abortion. I believe I have clearly stated my position on multiple occasions. I would personally pay for the day to arrive that what divides us will be no more. That day will arrive, and when it does how will you be paying?

*You must visit the 3rd reference below KFOR NewsChannel 4 – Oklahoma City, simply amazing.*

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18 thoughts on “How Long Will It Take

  1. Well Professor Tim, once again you throw down the gauntlet not to challenge, but to engage in a respectful discussion. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many can only see “hammering the other side”; and as you’ve said so many times – how can progress be made if one can’t respectfully engage with opponents.

    I’ve learned that’s one of your reoccurring themes … and a worthy one at that. Carry on!

    1. Thank You Frank,

      First I want to say that I appreciate the encouragement. Even when I receive some amazingly disturbing comments I’ve learned to stick to the message and remain as respectful as possible even when I believe they are wrong or missing the point. The only thing we can do is try and if the other person is bound by ideology in such a way that they refuse to consider others then there’s not much anyone can do for them except allow them to continue to alienate themselves or live in their own alternative society.

      “Consider Others” has become a theme of mine. It’s something that I’ve personally incorporated into my life since I was a kid, but have tried to articulate why I think it’s a good thing to do in many situations. It’s not an original idea, but my take on it. Recently, I would get irritated with people who rather hate than love or refused to even consider the other person’s story. I’ve decided that it’s more important to just do what you’ve said in your comments, “carry on” and do what I can and continue to live what I say.

      Man, one day soon we’ll hang out if that’s alright with you. I’m actually more laid back and silly than I am on here. Once again, Thanks.

      Enjoy 🙂

  2. 49 million babies killed vs. 5 abortionists assassinated and you are outraged at what? One of the five.

    It was a senseless murder by a deranged man who will be punished with at least a life sentence. Justice will be served in this case.

    But where is the justice for 49 million? Your weak defense, “I’m pro-choice not pro-abortion.” is just word parsing. You put on as if you are outraged at an imagined person on the other side who speaks out against abortion but does not condemn Tiller’s killing. I am not that person.

    But aren’t you guilty of the same thing from the other perspective? Aren’t you in essence saying that abortion is wrong but you are not going to stop someone from doing it? Think about it.

    1. WOW!

      Thanks for your comment and where you stand. I’ve said all I need to say about it and believe that it’s fair. What else is there for me to say to you? I can’t make people consider others or think about what it is that they’re suggesting or endorsing. So I say thank you for your comments.

      1. “What else is there for me to say to you?”

        You could answer my question. Which is, aren’t you guilty of the same thing that you are criticizing but from a different perspective?

        Your post says that people on the other side of the issue from you are hypocrites if they oppose abortion but do not condemn the people who have killed five abortionists. (I do so now – Scott Roeder deserves the punishment that he will surely get.)

        On the other hand you have posted that you are against abortion but will not condemn those who perform them. In the post above you tacitly put Tiller on the same level with victims of racism and pose him a good man because he was an usher in his church. In truth, the abortions he performed were on viable babies that could have been removed from the womb and would have lived without any special care. He killed them in the womb and then removed the carcass from the mother. This type of abortion is so disturbing that most abortionists shy from them. Tiller was only one of three people in the entire nation who would perform these late term abortions and some that he performed were illegal.

      2. Listen David. There’s nothing else for me to say to you because you obviously believe murder is OK. The murder of one doesn’t justify the murder of another regardless of the number. You had a similar stance on torture. It doesn’t matter what I say to you, you will disagree with it. That’s fine. You have your own issues that no writings other than the Holy Bible can resolve. You do not know what you’re talking about. Therefore I have nothing more to say to you. You don’t realize the hate you have.

        I can respect your opinions regarding many topics even if I know differently, but how do I reconcile murder with anyone who believes one sin is greater than another one. So I sincerely and respectfully wish you well.

      3. You said, “you because you obviously believe murder is OK”

        THIS IS A LIE.

        I think I made it clear in both my posts that the killing of Tiller was wrong and his killer deserves the punishment he will get. You are deliberately misstating my position.

        Read my post and then your own. I have only challenged your ideas and asked whether you aren’t guilty of what your post accuses others of doing. I asked a simple question, which you refuse to answer. Instead, you have responded by saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that I am hateful.

        Isn’t this the very behavior that you rail against when it comes from those with whom you disagree?

      4. OK Dude.

        I normally just allow people to comment no more than 3 times on any post. I wrote about money, love and empathy last week, why not try those out. 🙂

      5. Convenient.

        Don’t worry about me, Tim. I’m not angry in the least. Amused is the emotion closest to what I’m experiencing.

        In this thread you have not once attempted to answer the question that I posed. You have instead resorted to criticizing my supposed motivations and faked concern for my health. You have attempted to attribute things to me that I never said. I was quite clear that the murder of Tiller was wrong and you persist in saying that I “justify murder”. Your comments have all been artful dodges. Every answer you have made in this thread has been an attack on me or the justifications for my opinions. You claim to be respectful of others opinions but give thanks (see above) to those who do not hold to the same standard. Hypocrisy again?

      6. My post with the two links in it is my answer and position.

        If you’re alright reading this blog then please continue reading it. I know it is too much for some people and makes them uncomfortable, both conservatives and liberals of all races, religions and cultures. I don’t mind talking about these issues. I often have fun with most of them. The only thing that I can say is keep reading, perhaps over time you will see my point or theme. I really try to be fair. Yes, I yield more to left of center but I try to seek our common ground on whatever it is. I believe this post and the one reference proves that.

      7. One more thing, why torture yourself. You’re not going to get me to hate you. This blog is not about hate, but what we all can do to identify it and combat it. The fact that all of the comments you’ve submitted has been negative even when the heart of the various articles was trying to reach a common ground says more about you to all who reads what you’ve had to say.

        No matter how often you comment or as negative you choose to be I fundamentally don’t see the reason why I should subscribe to the same hateraid you’re offering in your comments. On a few occasions I’ve extended my hand in friendship. We disagree, OK. Does that mean we have to now hate each other? NO. Does that mean I have to be buddy buddy with you or you with me? No.

        I appreciate that you have taken the time to read my blog. And I normally don’t encourage people not to visit this blog, but I don’t want you to continue stressing yourself out over the positive or inclusive solutions I try to write. The solution is simple, just don’t read what I have to say and you won’t be upset. I can understand if I was endorsing murder, torture, racism, homophobia and religious bigotry, but I’m not. Even when I speak about politics I’ve said many times that Republicans and Democrats can be friends. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with some very fine Republicans on this blog and some exceptional Democrats too. It can be done.

        Listen man. I don’t hate you, but disagree with many of the positions you seem to take on non-political subjects. I honestly want the best for all who gives me the honor of reading what I have to say regardless of their position. It may be better and less stressful for you not to read my thoughts, ideas and suggestions, because you’re not ready for them. And that’s alright. I just don’t want you to continue upsetting anyone with what you’re saying in your comments.

        Start a blog of your own and tell me the URL. I will be one of the first people to tell people to read what you have to say. Now tell me that isn’t fair. Come on dude I’m not a bad guy, I just appear to be one to people who doesn’t understand the message I’m trying to deliver. 🙂

        Finally, Thanks. Be good.

      8. Please point out specifically where I have been hateful in my comments.

        Truly. I want to understand this. Because I think that I have underplayed the tone of your blog posts. Show me where I am wrong.

        I also thought that we were striking up a friendship at one point. I didn’t realize at first at how sensitive you are to criticism of your ideas. I thought that maybe after a little time off we could try again. Apparently you just wanted me to go away.

        Our perspectives and ideas of how things should be are very different. It is natural that I will have an opposing point of view. Is it negative to voice my opinion here when I disagree with your public posts? Or do you really only want agreement on your blog? If so, then it is my mistake. I apologize for intruding on your party.

      9. You can’t be serious. 😀

        LOL! Seriously, I’ve been criticized by many people on many issues. Some of those people who have disagreed with me I consider friends and if you asked them I would assume they would say the same. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Christians, some are Atheists, some are Muslim, some are White and some live outside of the U.S. We may disagree on various issues, but we hold the same views on murder, torture and race relations. All issues you have taken the opposite side upon. I can not see how you can endorse murder of anyone. I strongly dislike Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t wish death or murder on them because I disagree with their views. Even on the friendliest of subject you’ve disagreed. I don’t mind you disagreeing with me at all, but there’s some things that just goes to decency. How do you justify murder? How do you justify torture?

        I can get ugly, but why should I. It solves nothing. It’s beyond me how you find disagreement in every single thing I write, even the most positive ones. I give up. You’re welcomed to read on, but I just don’t want you to blow a gasket. I’m too nice or too liberal for you I guess. I don’t know. But one only has to read your comments and against the context of the article.

        Anyway, I’m not telling you not to read it, just concerned that you will just get more upset than you already appear to be. I don’t want you to be upset, it’s unhealthy. I apologize for considering your well-being if that bothers you, but I’m only concerned that whatever you read on here will make you even more angry. That’s not good for you, but if you enjoy being upset by what you read on here, please keep reading. Over time perhaps it will click or stick.

        I’m being serious. Take care of yourself. OK.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Being that we aren’t too far apart, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of us meet sometime. It would be a pleasure.

  4. “49 million babies”

    You have a citation of some sort to support this drivel? Of course you don’t.
    But I would really love to see you post the Ann Coulter link you’re spewing your lies and Satanic filth from.
    LINK the wing nut failed to provide

    Ann Coulter. You actually quoted Ann Coulter?

    What a stooge.

    “49 million” is an assumed number to begin with. It would include all abortions since Roe v Wade including all those performed to save the mother’s life, the abortions performed on a fetus (not a “baby”) that has no chance of survival after birth due to severe developmental realities, and Stillbirth which I guess would be God’s fault.

    The statistic damn sure doesn’t reflect the back alley coat-hanger abortions performed by incompetent surrogates or the mother herself because she has no access to a qualified physician due to stupid, Fascist Taliban fucks that haven’t the intellect to comprehend the medical aspects nor the love to be concerned for the mother. Nor the faith to stay out of other peoples lives.

    You think you’re a man of God, Coulter boy? You’re a joke. You think you ARE God. And there is no greater blasphemy.
    Just another Nazi hiding behind God and child to further a political agenda that Americans have clearly proven they have no interest in.

    BTW, those babies you murdered in Iraq with your vote for Bush in 2004. Do they count?

    Don’t waste our time.

  5. BTW

    “In truth, the abortions he performed were on viable babies that could have been removed from the womb and would have lived without any special care.”

    This is a LIE.

    Spina bifida, as well as many other birth related ailments, depending on the degree, can render a person severely crippled for life and that requires “special care” I would think.

    For Christ’s sake, at least educate yourself on the issues you hold dear. You are grotesquely uneducated, Coulter boy.

  6. “Apparently you just wanted me to go away.”

    You’re a Neocon, Ann Coulter worshiper.
    You have no credibility and cannot possibly be taken seriously.

    I just proved your entire platform to be wrong. You own Tim an apology for being a Right Wing Troll.

    1. LOL 😀

      Thanks, but Rush Limbaugh has a better chance of having dinner with Al Sharpton than I have getting any form of an apology. It’s alright, I’ve been misunderstood plenty of times by people who actually like me. I’ve just tried to be nice about it, but you can only consider others who want to be considered.

      I’m actually not upset at all, just want the guy not to get too worked up over it. Just wait until tomorrow 🙂 we may just have to have a doctor on-call.

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