Quick Thought: Not In Vain

I want to quickly share something that just happen to me. As I sit in my office eating my lunch and visiting some of my favorite blogs (please see list to left of screen) I had a solicitor come in. We get these guys all of the time selling everything from comedy club tickets, beauty services to office lease negotiation management. I’m in a satelite office for the company I work for, so it’s not that many people at this location. What makes this time different is that the guy recognized me.

Apparently we went to Jr. High School together, specifically the 8th grade. Now this was back in ’84/’85, so I only remember a few people from back then that went on to graduate high school with me. This guy went to another high school. What was interesting about this one is that once he recognized me he said “I never got to thank you.” Not sure where this was going I reluctantly asked, “What did I do?

He said that I stood up for him when some guys was calling him names. (He said what they called him. I won’t go there.)

This is the guy that I got in a fight for when two guys began calling him racially derogatory names associated with Jews. My locker was just a few feet away and I heard it. He was a small kid and these guys were bigger than me. I wasn’t that big, but I knew they would think twice about fighting me than they would him. Plus I couldn’t stand by and allow someone to take being called names like that.

So I got into a  fight with these guys for calling him names. I got detention and everything, but the principal wasn’t upset with me or him, but said we shouldn’t fight but he understood why we did. My parents wasn’t too happy to hear that I got into a fight, but when they finally listened to why I was fighting they backed off.

When he told me that he was that kid I remembered the incident. I really didn’t see him too much after that. It was very nice of him to remember that and to know that he appreciated it. I told him I didn’t do it for any thanks, it wasn’t right and someone had to say or do something. Needless to say, I got his card although we will not need his company’s services.

It was just nice to know someone actually remembers and appreciate something I did for them not because of them, but because it was just the right thing to do. That makes my day better and being called some very creative things over the past two years on this blog worth while. It’s not in vain. I know that I’m not the bad things some people say or think I am, because I’m normally the one who will defend them when they come under unfair attack, especially when it involves race. Any race.


5 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Not In Vain

  1. Jr High in ’84-’85? You’re just a youngster. 🙂
    I was doing lines of coke as long as my arm in ’84. I was 20, to be exact.

    It’s good that you placed yourself in danger to stand against stupidity.
    Done that a few times myself. It solidifies your credibility when you’re actually willing to physically fight off evil.
    Well done.

    Which reminds me,

    Please add your name to PDA’s petition to force DHS to publicize it’s report on Right Wing Terrorism then pass it along.

    Thanx, man. 😉

    1. 🙂 Well I’m not too much younger than you. Maybe this explains some of my music references from time to time. I’m quickly approaching 40, so those days of breakdancing and playing Pac-Man has long been over for me. 🙂

    1. Well it was awhile ago, but I remember the fight clearly. I typically got along with everyone. It was out of the ordinary for me to get into a fight. I was told to only fight when it was necessary. I felt that this was necessary. It was one of the few times no one really got upset with me over fighting. I would do it again and on various occasions have defended someone under attack for discrimination. Each time it has not someone of my own race or religion.

      It was good to see him again and to know that he remembered the incident as I did. We didn’t really talk too much after that incident. Not because of anything he or I’ve done or felt, but we just went about our day as usual.

  2. Great story. It’s good to see that you’re continuing to fight (with words, thankfully) against intolerance in cyberspace…although there are a few people on the Internet whom I wish I could reach through my monitor and punch every once in a while. 🙂

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