White Music Month

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Now I know I may get some flack off of this one, but what’s new. I Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.

I understand the concept for Black Music Month, but this is where I have a slight issue with it. In February I wrote a piece called “Whites in Black History” to prove the point that Whites are just as much apart of Black History as Blacks or any other race and vice versa. Many people miss that, but oh well. Black Music Month – I appreciate the contributions to music from Black artists, groups and musicians, but shouldn’t we begin to change this way of thinking?

Don’t misunderstand me; I think it’s perfectly fine to celebrate the tremendous contributions to the history of music by Black artists. I referenced one song by Michael Jackson at the beginning of this article. I personally love music, but even the song I referenced had people of other races who contributed to its creation and success.

Music often documents and benchmarks our life struggles and experiences. This is true for Blacks as well as Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, and all other races I’ve omitted. Music is apart of our lives and often brings us together.

I remember back in 1986 when RUN-DMC and Aerosmith collaborated to release “Walk This Way”. I love how they used the wall to divide both groups and then they broke threw the wall with music. Brilliant!

All of the people who I was friends with who exclusively listened to Heavy Metal got a taste of what my other friends who exclusively listened to Hip Hop and vice versa. We discovered that we’re not all that different. We may use a different slang, but it all essentially means the same.

So I believe its fine to celebrate music by Black artists, but would you be upset if we celebrated music by White artists? Now I’m sure there’s someone reading this right now saying, “Hell Yeah someone would have a problem with it.” And you’ll probably be correct.

This is my suggestion and what may get me in trouble, so Let’s Get It Started as I peak over the fence to whisper my diabolical plan.

Have someone likable with clout in the music industry, say a Clive Davis to propose White Music Month. Now the reason for it can not be because Blacks & Hispanics have a music month. It has to be for the reason to celebrate the musical contributions of White artists. As a Black guy I personally would defend it, because I don’t see the problem with it.

Just like it would be difficult for one to say that an artist like Stevie Wonder, James Brown or Michael Jackson haven’t made great contributions to music, it would be equally difficult to dispute the musical contributions of James Taylor, The Rolling Stones or Hank Williams, Jr.

Now you can’t tell anyone I gave you the idea, because if this got out I would be treated worse than Rush Limbaugh at a 50 Cent concert or welcomed like Minister Louis Farrakahan as a guest on the 700 Club. 🙂 (I’m sorry that was mean. Funny, but mean.)

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with one of my first dedication to the proposal of White Music Month. Enjoy.

OK ONE MORE — I’ve got to put this one in there. I love this video. All they need is to have U2, George Clinton, LL Cool J, Toby Keith and Lenny Kravitz and let me play the drums and I’m in Heaven.


6 thoughts on “White Music Month

    1. I love the Average White Band. I’m telling you I would be all over this. June is Black Music Month, I believe September 15th – October 15th is considered Hispanic Heritage Month, so why not have White Music Month. I never knew music had a color associated to it, except for the purple one “Prince”, but there’s so many artist of all races who contributes to the success and history of some iconic songs from every genre. 🙂

    1. It’s still difficult to understand everything James Brown was saying, but I still like him. I guess I’ll have to pull up the Soul genre on my iPod.

  1. You know, I’m all for celebrating Black History Month. Why not? Recognizing contributions is always a good thing. I’d feel the same way about Irish Music Month if there were one. Maybe there is and it’s something cool that I don’t even know about. Honoring black music legends doesn’t make me less of a fan of Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Stranglers, Fleetwood Mac, the Clash, Janis Joplin, etc. Soul is soul no matter who’s playing it. Who cares about labels. Let’s just get our collective jam on 😉

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