Fighting For A Dying Race

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When Larry Keller conducted an with Keith Luke, a 22 year old white male who allegedly raped a woman before shooting her and killing her sister in their home, then a homeless man minutes later in Brockton, MA told police that he was fighting for a dying race and fighting extinction.

What these women and the homeless man ever could do to eliminate a race of people is beyond me. I’m sure they would have to have a tremendous measure of power and influence to even be able to carry such a diabolical plan out against a race of people.

Mr. Luke has a history of mental illness and said that he arrived at his racial views purely through repeated visits over a 6-month period to racist websites. He says to the police “that people on these sites spoke the truth about the demise of the white race”.

Although this is sad and some may choose to dismiss it as the act of a mentally and emotionally disturbed young man, you have to consider why is hate so attractive to the people who eventually commit these crimes?

Is it really fair to say it’s the fault of a mentally challenged lone individual? Or is it really

Have we accepted atmosphere of this conduct?

Although some will disagree with this, I find it very interesting that are witnessing an increased amount of hate crimes since the democratically election of Barack Obama. Regardless of your politics it’s hard to argue against the increase of these crimes. I have seen case after case after case that I can offer as support for that statement for those who choose to not believe it.

We listen to people proclaim that they’re colorblind; they don’t look at people through race or wonder why race is still an issue for many minority groups. When someone attempts to politely explain the complexities of it they are called a racist or a race baiter, while missing the point that’s trying to be made. Often both parties get frustrated and just stop communicating, this just compounds the problem. It’s irritating, but not saying anything about it doesn’t solve anything.

It’s normal to hear murmurs of disappointment towards acts of hate, bigotry and discrimination, but it’s when that’s all we do and these acts become normal or common place. We choose to take the approach of ignoring it like we often do the homeless in hopes the problem just goes away.

Throughout our world society we have continuously been moving into a direction of silent betrayal. Although some who have begun to break the silence, we have discovered that the calling to speak out or stand up is often a vocation of agony. We can not continue to sit and wait for the next Dr. Martin Luther King to affirm our call for conscienousness, the world needs you now.

We’ve gotten so comfortable that we don’t want to do anything because we’re afraid. Afraid to confront the problem head on. Afraid of the backlash and misunderstanding it will bring. But we have a growing contingency of people who were comfortable or who has fooled themselves in believing that only one group can be in front and that’s just untrue. Now when more and more people of various groups are assuming the reigns of leadership and power we are finding out who’s who among this contingency.

The recipe of hate (hostile assaults, tension and envy) that we have towards each other have to stop or no one will be around. We have become so hateful that some people find murder by disagreement acceptable. This gangster mentality is what’s ruining the world. When a man can walk into a church and kill people in Knoxville, TN because of what he heard on a cable television program commentator and people dismiss it as another deranged lone wolf incident, it has nothing to do with the mentality of the group he’s proclaiming to be apart of. When a man can walk into a church in Kansas and shot a man because of a service he provides, regardless if you disagree with that service it’s legal. Hostility and aggression has moved to people taking things to the level it doesn’t need to be. When a man can walk into a museum with the intent to kill because he believes someone is trying to destroy his race without any evidence and people are shocked, but go back to business as usual then something is very wrong with our society.

Many people have disagreed with my political positions that are fine. It’s just politics. Many people have disagreed with me on issues of inequality, bigotry and intolerance, often resorting to some very ugly statements being made. To be honest I get discouraged when I hear this and at times feel that it’s just not worth my time. These people are insane. But I try to dial it back and give the person another chance, try to understand how and why they think and believe what they do. We have to talk to each other and try to help each other understand and find our common ground. No one is superior or inferior, just our thoughts. The only way to fight hate is with the weapon of love. We’re fighting for a dying race, but that’s the human race. Hate and the silent betrayal and acceptance of it is what’s ruining the world. What are you doing about it?

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5 thoughts on “Fighting For A Dying Race

  1. Lunatics like that are unfortunately a fact of American life.

    Dying race? There’s an awful lot of us for a dying race. Then of course, we still have to determine what a “white man” is. I think I’m “white”, but the Native American blood in my veins might have a different opinion.
    Surely, at some point in time, some of my Irish ancestors were invaded by someone un-white and the customary mass rape was involved.

    Personally, I think we’re all mutts. 😛
    History does too if I’m not mistaken.

    I thank God every day that I’m not shallow enough to identify by skin color.

    1. Well I agree with you. I’m sure that I can find some different shades on my family tree. I already know I have a little Native American in me, but I can bet I have a few other groups of people in me too. Maybe that’s why I’m the way I am. 🙂

      I don’t think it’s anything personally wrong with having pride in your heritage, this includes White. It’s when we only have pride in our heritage it becomes a problem. I enjoy being who I am, despite the issues that may come along with it. It’s good being me, but again I like what one old crusty from the edge of the boondocks country White guy told me a long time ago. “You’re a different kind of Negro.”

      I simply loved that. I understood what he meant and wasn’t offended by it. My friend was apologizing to me so much I had to tell them that it was OK. I understood what he meant. At least he said Negro and Uppity wasn’t anywhere in there. 😀

      You make a very good point, but I think we generally agree anyway. Maybe I have some Irish in me too. Hey, you may be Black. 😀

  2. 🙂

    Some of my ancestors surely fell victim to the Moors as did many civilizations. And vice-versa. You and I could easily share the same ancestory as, say…….Cheney and Obama do.

    I’m just happy that to me, it matters not.

    I have no problem identifying as a group of some sort. I often do when certain parts of my being are attacked as you know.
    Tribalism is human nature it seems.

    I do have a problem identifying by actual melanogenesis.
    It’s strictly visual in nature and therefor a shallow homage as it completely forsakes the quality of an individual.

    If someone identifies with African heritage, Southern heritage, Religion or the Hells Angles…at least there was more considered than just first glance.

    But we knew this pot would boil when we elected Barack, didn’t we?
    We knew and wrote that there would be those sociopaths and other lunatics who would emerge from under their rocks at the site of a major change. A Black (perceived) President is major. That’s as major as change gets at the time.
    Who knows how many people are still hiding in the gun cabinet waiting for the “negroes” to come rob them and make them listen to Rap music and wear baggy pants.

    That’s especially sad when the truth is that the vast majority of Americans of all races just want to be one people of one nation under God.

  3. Hate amazes me, and the extent some go to demonstrate it is astounding. I’ll simply say that your next to the last paragraph is outstanding.

    Cheers to Captain Kona for “we’re all mutts.”

  4. Thats the proof. I have Irish in me as well. Yes, he’s black. 🙂

    I agree that we may be a dying race but thats because this statement always takes me to my conspiracy theory/sci-fi roots. I’m not ashamed to admit it. When the aliens start openly whipping the a** of the human race, only then will these dumbos (humans) realize that they have been killing themselves. And another slant on that same sentence is that perhaps the human race deserves to die. We can’t seem to evolve beyond war, murder and everything else hareful. *sigh*

    I know I can’t stay in a negative frame of mind. Whenever I get too far down, some human somewhere will do something so beautiful, it will remind me of why we humans are worthy. We just need to evolve and I believe we will.

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