Keep Keeping On

I write this to the person who asked me how and why I blog in hopes to encourage them to keep on despite the rude and ignorant comments they periodically have received. I understand how you feel, but just keep on doing what you’re doing. I apologize if this is a little long. I have a lot to say, as many of you can testify on. 😀

As things go wrong as sometimes they will, when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill. When your funds are low and your debts are high. You want to smile, but you have to cry. When cares are pressing you down a bit, rest if you must but please don’t quit.” – UNKNOWN

I began this blog November 2006 and after a few months I stepped back from writing as much during 2007 only to pick it back up later within the year. In 2008 I really made an effort to share my thoughts, ideas and suggestions about any given topic. Very quickly I received negative feedback from people who either fundamentally disagreed with me or disagreed due to their lack of understanding or openness to the subject. I was called some outrageous things; many of them didn’t make it for others to read, because of the level of its offensive nature.

During this time I quickly could assume the demographics of who would generally disagree with what I had to say. Like the morning sun I was correct most of the time. I measured this by asking certain questions and analyzing their response. Some where more obvious than others, but I began to learn who I was generally speaking to. It only matter to me, because I wanted to make sure that I was speaking in a manner that many could identify with and understand even if they disagreed.

My reasoning behind doing this is because I strongly believe that you can not have a conversation with someone who will not listen to you. You are likely not to listen to someone who you can not relate to in some way. We have something in common regardless how broad or narrow it may appear to be. If I can not consider others, why would they consider me? This is one of the main philosophies behind many of the things I publish on this blog and a point that I believe goes missed by many who misunderstand the essential point I’m seeking to make or choose to ignore in efforts to make themselves feel as if their truth is the only truth.

Now I understand why we tend to respond this way to things we either misunderstand or disagree with, I’ve been guilty of it myself. It’s often due to a lack of our consideration of the other persons point or experiences. It doesn’t mean that they are right and you are wrong, but you need to take that into consideration.

Many times you will encounter someone who will half read what you have to say or take it out of context. It’s irritating and you just want to tell them to go to hell, but if you’re sincere (I believe you are) you must try to understand where they’re coming from and seek a common ground if you want them to get what you’re saying. It takes time, but eventually they will begin to understand where you’re coming from. Then you both have a pathway wide enough for both of you to walk on.

I’m absolutely no expert on blogging or people. I do believe some people are just crazy or close-minded. Just like the former South Carolina Republican Party chairman or fundraiser (Rusty DePass) who joked about a gorilla that escaped from the zoo one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s ancestors. That’s how he chooses to go down in history, making a racially insensitive joke about the first Black First Lady. We hear so many things like this from people who believe they are just being funny or having a conversation. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) another congressman from KY and the list goes on and on. It’s not just old White male Republicans, although it appears many are really showing their ‘true color’ lately, no pun intended. We heard the same things from other public figures both in politics, sports and entertainment. I know of Black people who called Michael Richards (Kramer) a racist. I don’t believe he’s a racist. He’s just resorted to what was comfortable for him and what he learned from someone or foolishly believed was still acceptable. It doesn’t mean he is a racist because he used racist language, ignorant perhaps, but he doesn’t have a history of it.

I will end by offering a piece of advice my father gave to me, which was handed down to him from his mother (my wonderful and lovely late granny). “If someone is talking about you it usually means you’re doing something right. It’s when you have no critics is when you have to worry.” So use the outrageous, hateful and denigrating comments you receive from people as a barometer to measure how well you’re doing and getting your point across. It only gets worse.  Someone is going to disagree with you, so have fun with it, but don’t be like me because I’m a bit sarcastic at times. I’m working on that. 😀

*Just to start something. Why don’t they have a brown smiley face. That’s more accurate for me. Why does it have to be yellow. The Man is trying to keep a brother down by only putting my emote-tions in one color. 🙂 *

4 thoughts on “Keep Keeping On

  1. “[Y]ou must try to understand where they’re coming from and seek a common ground if you want them to get what you’re saying.”

    Good advice. I disagree with conservatives on a whole range of issues, but it helps to explain not simply what one believes (Obama is a socialist; government-run healthcare will never work; Guantanamo must stay open), but why they believe it. If they have no good reason, how can I understand why they’ve arrived at a particular conclusion and try to reason with them?

    And to the question about the smiley face — I think those little guys are supposed to look like everyone and no one. To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a smiley is just a smiley. Maybe someday we can turn our actual faces into computer emoticons. But on second thought, my smile doesn’t look half as good as his –> 😀

    1. 🙂 You like my emote thing. I actually don’t really care, just thought I start something. I think they’re fine how they are.

      I’ve had quite a few far right and bible thumping commenters on here give me a piece of their ‘mind’. I often say they’re missing the point, but it takes time for many to get what I’m essentially trying to do. The more often they come back the more they’ll get it. I’ve had some pretty far out there reasons why they disagree and after I ask them do they realize what they’re saying half of them understand and the other just stick to their ‘guns & religion’. (I love that quote)

      I thought I lighten up for this weekend on here. This means that I got a doosey coming up. 😀

      Have a good weekend.

  2. It’s always interesting how some people will shout you down to get their point across and try to force you to listen to their message or viewpoint, but they will not give others the opportunity to express themselves or consider their viewpoints. They just think their way is the right and only way.

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