Life and Death

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The end of our lives often represents how we feel what is essentially the essence of our life; unfinished. I haven’t really talked about death too much on here except for the occasional “In Memory of…”, such as I did with Yolanda King, Jack Kemp and John Hope Franklin to name a few. I’m not sure why I’ve come to this subject, but just felt the need to address the subject more. I want to avoid speaking in a depressing manner, because death is not complete incompleteness, even when it is premature or seems undone. It really is apart of life.

We all tend to arrogantly live our lives as if we are promised tomorrow. We find ourselves putting important things off for another day for whatever the reason may be. I’m not speaking about the meaningless things we plan, such as cutting the grass or washing clothes. I’m speaking about the things we do throughout our day without much thought or consideration.

Death is an important even within our lives, because it encourages us to make our life mean something. If you could measure the depth, height and length of your life to now what would be its sum?

Would the measure of the horrible and regrettable things you’ve said, thought or believed out-distance the things you’ve did and said for good or with empathy?

Would that comment, filled with the intentions of condemnation be the final example for which you will be remembered and judged upon?

Life and death is in the power of the tongue and over the past few years this blog as been a very good sharpening tool. So I strive to refrain from speaking (writing) death into the lives of those who choose to read what I have to say, regardless if they agree with me or not. Regardless how unaccountable or how much I disagree with a certain radio talk show host, cable network and former politicians, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change.

Since we don’t know when our time will come due, what are we to achieve? What were you born to do?

I believe I’ve reached a point where I’m simply tired of the stagnation of virtually everything. We got to move our minds out of the practices of sowing death into the lives of people with our thoughts, acts and perceptions and begin to consider each other, show some empathy and concern. I’m just another version of you.

Life is too short for us to continue arguing the same arguments and never seeking any solution or common ground to build upon. Racism will continue in our world, because we fail to consider one another as one. Hate will persist to exist in the hearts of men and women because we are unwilling to seek a solution to what we disagree and/or don’t understand. I’m not trying to sound like a preacher or even get ultra-religious on you, but we must begin to consider what we all participate in and seriously seek a solution, because the death that’s lies within our thoughts, ideas and suggestions regardless how small or insignificant is helping to ruin the world.


3 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. This is so obvious Why can’t the Hannity’s savages and Limbaugh’s understand this,
    On another note don’t you get a kick out of all these Moral majority People getting caught having affairs?

  2. A few random thoughts here.

    1) We are blessed with love, intellect, and freedom of choice. Things associated with hate and evil are human driven from the freedom of choice … although I don’t understand why anyone would spend so much energy on hate.

    2) The world currently has 7 billion dominoes, … and each of us is just one. …. and who knows how much dominoes preceded us today! Each of our lives come in contact with other dominoes. The question is what kind of impression to we want to leave upon that person for them to pass elsewhere.

    3) Personally, I prefer funerals that celebrate life … celebrate the person … celebrate about their positive outcome … although the sadness is ours, not theirs.

    As always, well done Tim.

  3. We live our lives in stages. What seems important when we are getting started in retrospect seems silly. Wise people get this when they are young and it is reflected in their actions. Unfortunately, a large section of our society live their entire lives with the self-centered attitude of childhood.

    The Moral Majority was disbanded twenty years ago. Let it go. I could be wrong, but taking glee in the moral failings of others is not quite what Tim is advocating in this post. Quite the contrary.

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