Michael Joseph Jackson

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I was actually traveling when I heard the news on XM Radio that Michael Jackson died. I didn’t want to believe it. Not Michael Jackson, no it couldn’t be Mike. Mike’s gone, but I never got to meet him. He can’t go yet.

I listened to CNN on XM 132 for hours. I couldn’t believe it. When it began to set it, I started to think about my room as a pre-teen and teenager. The first time I saw Thriller was over a church member’s house. We all sat down in front of the TV to watch it. It was an event.

As I began to receive text, email, tweets and IM from all over I started to think about my favorite songs. ‘Say, Say, Say’ , Billie Jean, The Lady in My Life, Smooth Criminal, I Can’t Help It, just to mention a few. I didn’t care about what people said about him, I was cool with him. Now he’s gone. MAN!

I just don’t really have enough words for this one, so I’ll just leave you with one of my favorite songs and videos of all time. Rest In Peace Mike. Thanks for the music, creativity and inspiration.

Fell free to share your stories about Michael Jackson too.


3 thoughts on “Michael Joseph Jackson

  1. He unquestionably had a huge/significant/monumental impact on music … and some of us remember the Jackson 5 bursting onto the scene. Although his life includes his share of bizarreness, it’s still a sad day.

    And hey … I too listen to XM … but if I listen to CNN, I can’t see Kyra!

  2. Hi Tim,

    There are times in life when someone passes away and the whole world takes notice. Michael Jackson fits the bill…am still numb and in shock. All the best to his family, friends and fans.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. This death is very similar to the death of Elvis Presley, Both were among the most popular performers of all time that changed the industry forever and both had many personal demons, I was truly saddened yesterday with this news.

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