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In the wake of millions of people throughout the world mourning and in shock over the sudden death of Michael Jackson I wanted to take a moment to think about the reoccurring message that flowed throughout most of his music like a melodic baseline. That was a message of love, tolerance and acceptance of people as they are.

What I’ve found to be very interesting is the commentary I’ve been hearing and how it’s been given since the announcement of his death.

Many of us can remember the song “Black or White”, because it was often referenced in jokes aimed at the ethnicity of Michael Jackson. One of the many things that he uniquely understood and tried to convey was how to be a blank slate.

He was often misunderstood and marked as an easy target by many. The thoughts, ideas and suggestions people made about everything from his appearance to his sexuality to how he conducted business was a point of argument and concern for many. Often in death the detractors are reluctant to speak much ill of the deceased, because it’s socially seen to be in poor taste. Obviously it didn’t stop them from saying it while he was living, so why should it stop them in his death?

Who among us do not have a side to us we wouldn’t want publicized? The things we’ve said or may have done for any reason dragged into the court of public opinion for all to judge would be an absolute nightmare for many of us. I’m sure if I had or ever obtain the level of fame halfway comparable to Michael Jackson some would find some things I do strange and out of the ordinary when over analyzed and scrutinized by the public. Some have criticized my words on this very forum, so I couldn’t imagine what that would be like millions of times over. So as we all think about the life and death of Michael Jackson I suggest that we look at the person beyond the glare of entertainment and consider his greater impact and contributions to the world.

One of the things that Michael openly shared was a message of love. It’s human nature to want to lift someone up before we work to bring him down. How often are we willing to put ourselves in their shoes in efforts to understand who they are as a person and not who we have made them out to be?

Forgive him for what you don’t understand, because you would want to be forgiven for what we may not understand about you. Allow him to be in peace. Consider the over arching message he strived to offer through music and build upon it.

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Michael Jackson – 1983 “Human Nature

6 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. In honor of Larry King, here’s some random thoughts.
    All of us have had sides of us publicized that we didn’t want publicized.
    Some of us have also been incorrectly publicly honored.
    Some of us have also been incorrectly publicly scrutinized and/or portrayed.
    Most of us want acceptance, but how many of us practice tolerance?
    Personally, I try to recall the good at someones passing.

  2. Another interesting/thought-provoking post, Tim. Once again you managed to put the focus on the issues and not a specific political-party. Hope you’re enjoying a terrific week, and all the best to you and yours this holiday weekend sir.

  3. Outstanding – a better tribute could not be forthcoming – you have writer skills as well as tolerance – what more could i want from a blog – thanks – peace for all

  4. Hi Tim,

    Saw that comments were closed on your magnificent post above this one, where you continue to pay tribute to the late music legend Michael Jackson, so just wanted to echo ruralrose’s response and simontaneously wish you and yours a Happy 4th of July sir.

    1. Thanks Al.

      I decided to open comments on “For All Time” back up for others to offer their comments and/or tributes. He really was one of my favorite artists and sorry that he is gone, but we all must walk through the same door as he at some point. I thought that he deserved more than just a single tribute.

      Have a great, but safe weekend.

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