Casting Stones: Sex, Politics & Religion

I’ve honestly tried not to beat up on Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) too much for multiple reasons. I’m honestly trying not to point out the hypocrisy of many who bought into the deceitful marriage of religion and politics that was consummated by the Republican Party for political gain. There’s nothing wrong with being religious and political, but they do not belong together.

I’ve said before that one political party doesn’t have a lock on morality regardless how they may want you to believe they do. The fact is that the Republican Party has actively used religion to influence political debate for electoral gain for years. This has contributed to the already divided Christian church even more so than it already was.

Now I’m sure I’ve already upset someone by even mentioning the Republican Party. I’m sure someone will find something to disagree with me before hearing me out. It will be a difficult argument to make that the Republican Party has not manipulated a segment of the Christian church for political purposes, but as I said before it is not exclusively one party. The Democrats hands are just as unclean as the Republicans. Just as the Republican Party has influenced more White Conservative Christians, the Democratic Party has influenced more Black Moderate & Liberal Christians. Come crunch time you can bet some Republican will have the opportunity to speak at First Baptist and some Democrat will have the opportunity to speak at Mt. Zion. Someone, please tell me it isn’t so.

The issue is that we’ve bought into it. That’s why they continue to do it.

The reason why I say all of this is for the purpose of stating that too often we confused God & Government. (Hmm, that sounds familiar) I’m not saying that a person who is a politician can not or should not be influenced by their personal religious beliefs, nor am I suggesting that religion has no place. It’s the perversion of it that raises the question of its emphasis.

Mark Sanford is not the first and will not be the last politician to get caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. The whole thing with these men and women who are caught in sex-related scandals in any industry or profession whether they are a politician, preacher or physician it often comes down to power.

Mark Sanford deserves some criticism, because he was so vocal against Bill Clinton like many Republicans. So perhaps he should have considered the other person before criticizing them. (Hmm, that sounds familiar too.) Now the whole ‘Family Values’ argument utilized by people such as Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) and Mark Sanford to beat Democrats who were got caught up over the head in order to drum up votes sounds a little off-beat today in the light of the hypocrisy. Yes, Democrats have John Edwards and Elliott Spitzer and who can forget Bill Clinton, but you didn’t hear them claiming to be in the party of Jesus either.

I decided awhile ago to leave these manners alone as much as possible, because it could be me. Especially if a certain former supermodel/talk show host becomes interested in me. 🙂 Y’all can say what ever the Hell y’all want to say, I’m not passing that opportunity up. Whatever, Yes I did it.

Seriously, I’m honestly not too upset with Mark Sanford. Which is a little surprising, because politically I generally oppose Mark Sanford. Politically he could have done handled this better. Plus the hypocrisy of it all is interesting. Besides the political nature of this story I empathize with him as I have with John Edwards. People change and relationships can change. It doesn’t make him a bad man. It’ doesn’t make him a bad Christian. It makes him human.

When the people who are casting stones were to reveal their skeletons will they still cast that stone they’re casting at someone else?

9 thoughts on “Casting Stones: Sex, Politics & Religion

  1. Since you started down the road of politics & the church, I wanted to point readers to this post (one I believe you’ve already seen) and politics and the pulpit.

    In terms of Governor Sanford, I’m right with you. He’s an easy target, thus a reason to not shoot. He’s a fellow human guilty of sin, thus another reason not to shoot. His life is tough right now, one more reason to not shoot.

    Recently, I asked this question. Since Gingrich and Sanford were both tough on Mr. Clinton, and since both have asked for forgiveness of their transgressions, shouldn’t they forgive Mr. Clinton for his?

    Great post Tim … as always.

    1. I remember that post. There’s many things I can find fault with Sanford on, and even Newt, but I’ve tried not to get too personal. Now there’s a few of them that I just disagree with on a personal level, but I’ve tried to not speak about Dick Cheney, Karl Rove or Rush Limbaugh. I honestly think very little of them, but even they can be redeemed. Although it would take a team of clergy of multiple faiths and boot camp styled counseling for an extended length of time, then strict supervision afterwards.

      I would like to know if there are any women politicians who’s been unfaithful. I’m tired of just hearing about the men.

  2. I don’t disagree with what’s been said but have a slightly different perspective. Why is the Republican Party taking no position on either Sanford or Ensign? The Democratic Party, you know, the one that is immoral, was very quick to help Governor Spitzer find the door and the taint has been purged. Even Blagojevich managed to get the Illinois Democrats to be unanimous. Is the 11th Commandment that inviolate?

    1. Well I have my opinions of why, but it’s just my opinion. I just don’t believe the Republican Hype about being the Party of God or the self-righteousness of some of it’s elected members. Because things like this always shuts many of them up, but let it happen to a Democrat and the self-righteousness comes out. This is one reason why I just don’t trust much of what many elected members of the GOP has to say. Now although I’m a Democrat, my own party has it’s own issues of not speaking up too, but when it comes to sex scandals many ‘do the right thing’ and step down.

      I understand your perspective and agree with you absolutely. I’m just patiently waiting for the appropriate opportunity to launch any criticism. The GOP is effectively dismantling themselves. The ones I’m concerned with are the handful of moderate Republicans hanging on and conservative Democrats.

      It’s so good to have a new commenter. Please feel free to visit as often as you like. It gets interesting on here. 🙂

      1. Yes you are correct. I knew that there were some Republicans in SC calling for Sanford’s resignation. But will he?

        For once, I wasn’t even attacking a Republican for things I know I could. I wanted to take the approach of trying to get people not to attack when the opportunity and justification is ideal, but to be the better person by using it as an opportunity to better understand each other so that when a Democrat gets caught with his or her paints down, Republicans won’t immediately go on attack or use the whole family values argument, because both are guilty.

        I appreciate you visiting the blog and providing a link for others to check out. Perhaps, Gov. Sanford will resign. I think the Lt. Gov had his eye on it anyway, but that’s another story for another day. 🙂

        Be Safe.

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