For All Time

Final Tribute to Michael Jackson

Over the past few days I’ve tried to write or submit some thought on Twitter or Facebook about Michael Jackson in my tribute to this uniquely creative humanitarian and human who obviously connected to so many throughout the world. Some choose to emphasis the negative, but I choose to consider the positives. We all have some things that is odd and may spark speculation. This is a fact of life for many public figures including Michael Jackson.

Throughout the years I connected with much of his music and story because I could relate to what it was like not being understood. As the leaches that surrounded him continue to mooch off of his success I bid Mr. Jackson a peaceful farewell. Enjoy the freedom that can only be experience by leaving this side of eternity.

There’s not much left to really say with the exception of that you will be missed by many and hope to see you in Heaven. We still have to moonwalk to Billie Jean together, but I guess it would just be really cool to do it there than here.

I won’t say that I’m your biggest fan, but a faithful one. Rest in Peace Mike.