Seeking Independence

This past weekend we all were stunned with some very interesting events. I’m obviously not going to be able to touch on all of them, but just wanted to mention a few that caught my attention. The gamut runs into politics, sports and entertainment, so I will try to keep my thoughts, ideas and suggestions brief on all of them.

Sarah Palin; Governor of Alaska (Steps Down Before 1st Term is complete)

To the surprise of many on multiple sides of the political spectrum, I’m not going to beat up on her for this latest sporadic decision. Like I’ve said awhile ago, there’s no need for me to keep beating up on the GOP, because they’re doing a good job at it on their on. Each time I’ve tried to offer a sincere non-partisan warning it was ignored, discounted and attacked, so my position has been to step out of it and speak to those who are open-minded enough to hear what I have to say and I in return to them.

Sarah Palin has the right to leave the position of Governor, a position that the people of Alaska voted her into a few years ago for any reason.

Politically, this move makes it even easier for her fellow Republicans, not Democrats, but REPUBLICANS that will run for President in 2012 job much easier to slam her on. This Democrat is leaving her to her own vices.

It’s time for politicians and political pundents to trust people to be smart enough to recognize partisan political games, political ideology from people who just want to do what they’re suppose to do and serve We The People. Too many political people are too busy serving themselves and those who helped them get to where they are instead of We the People.

I sincerely wish Sarah Palin the best and will not participate in attacking her personal decision to leave office 18 month before the term is up. Politically, she just opened herself up to attack by HER FELLOW REPUBLICANS, although I believe there will be some Democrats who will see the easy target and shoot at it. But I say to them, this is not our fight to wage at this time.

Now anyone who still believes I’m being hard on her still is simply crazy. I have my own opinions about this decision in relation to politics, but I respect her personal decision and question the strategy of the political decision. Who does she have advising her? This is not a wise political strategy regardless of party. So for once I agree with George Will and Newt Gingrich on questioning the political strategy behind this, but I’m not attacking the beloved politician, only wishing her well in her future endeavors.

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Steve McNair; Former Titans & Ravens QB Found Dead

Now being a Tennessee Titan fan I was blown away by the news of Steve McNair being killed on Saturday. What bothered me more was the situation he was in.

Man… Steve… Big Sigh… Seriously, you’ve could have just called a brother. I would have welcomed you in. Man we all go through these hard times in our relationships. We’re the same age, I understand how ya feel. People start trippin’ and you feel you have no one there to really talk to. I get you, but dude… she’s 20 years old. This girl was only 1 years old when we graduated from high school, this is not right man. Was the ______ that good? There’s some 30-something year old women out here that would have been more logical alternative than this.

It’s alright man. What’s done is done. If I am to be honest I must offer my unconditional and sincere prayer for the continued grace and mercy to be bestowed upon your soul, memory and the family, friends and fans you leave behind. Everyone is not forgiving, but everyone wants to be forgiven. Who am I to judge you? You’re still alright with me. Rest in peace.

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Tiger Woods; 2009 AT&T Nationals Winner

All I have to say is… THAT’S MY MAN! I really like Anthony Kim, but when I saw Tiger come up from 6th to tie for first and then stayed there I knew he had it. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Seriously, this may not be grand news to some because Tiger has won multiple tournaments. He’s Tiger Woods many would say. But as my father illustrated in a sermon of the weekend, it is the work behind what allows someone to make such a statement that’s the real point of it all. He is the #1 Golfer in the world, but consider the journey.

Over the weekend there was an announcer who was talking about Tiger’s career in various aspects and he briefly mentioned the tremendous impact he has made to the culture of golf since his 1997 Master’s win. Although the other announcers glossed over the importance of his statement I had to agree with him. Here I am watching golf and enjoying it. I’ve actually preferred to watch a PGA Tournament over most of the NBA Playoffs. That’s a death sentence on the streets. J I would have had my ‘Brother Card’ revoked and put on Black Man suspension if this got out. J (For those who may be uptight, I’m only kidding).

Listen, my point is that Tiger Woods along with other great golfers like him and others have made a great cultural impact to the amazing game of golf to a segment of the population often discouraged from the game. I am more than just basketball, football and baseball, I am golf, tennis and politics too, since that’s a game within itself.

It’s not because of his heritage I and many others marvel at his accomplishments, but it is because of his heritage that I and many others recognizes his accomplishments, because it makes a statement to people of all backgrounds that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams if you work hard at it and not allow the obstacles to hold you back. Congratulations Tiger and just watch, one day I swear I’m going to be out there. Me and You, one on one and when I’m finish you’re going to call me Tiger Woods. J

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Michael Jackson; King of Pop

I don’t even know what else to say. The imprisonment of fame and wealth along with the leaches that comes with it is enough to overwhelm anyone, but just like the statement another King realized its truth, at least you can say today that you’re Free at Last.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Independence

  1. On Palin – a surprise, but to understand “the why”, I say follow the money – so time and the money trail will show the rationale. For whatever reason, she’s a GOP rock star with some big donors in her camp.

    On McNair – Sad; and the news seems to be getting more sad.

    On Tiger – A solid performance and a good prep for the British Open.

  2. Nobody deserves frivolous lawsuits, so there’s no need to protect her.
    By the way, her book deal more than takes care of the amount. By truncating my sentence, you missed the most important part … “so time and the money trail will show the rationale.”

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