Will You Be There

How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these.” – GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER

As I watched the public memorial dedicated to Michael Jackson online I can truly say that he is in a much better place, away from the hate filled people of this world and selfish hate driven people. I’m absolutely amazed by the bitterness of people.

I think Marlon Jackson adequately addressed all of the people who continue to find it in their heart to hate and to only speak of the negatives of a person’s life without including the negatives of their own. I’ve learned awhile ago to stop arguing with people who may respond negatively to me, because and overwhelming majority of the time they are not trying to consider another’s point of view or even including themselves into their criticisms. If we just simply stopped being so selfish in all we do and simply begin to incorporate the simple statement I’ve repeatedly remixed for months and Consider Others, just perhaps something good will happen.

I see why we should not be afraid of death. Depending on the bent of the conduct of our life, the other side of the door we all will find ourselves walking through is just a moment of solace and peace leading us to our justified destination. Death is not the punctuation of finality, but the conjunction of the continuation of the sentence of our life. If you were to die at the end of this sentence what would the statement of your life read?

Be aware of what you say, because it may be your last words. Strive to make those words positive, inspiring and welcoming instead of sentence of negativity, despair and fear. Words are power and you will be judged by the power, action and truthfulness of those words, so make them mean something.

Where there is love there is life.” – MOHANDAS K. GANDHI

For those who continue to travel to the destination few have arrived; the place where you can honestly give up the temptingly alluring romance of hate, negativity, fear, selfishness and inconsideration for others, you then will realize that you’re there.

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3 thoughts on “Will You Be There

  1. Words are much more than words …. thus are a powerful force.

    Great point in the “Be aware” paragraph above the video.

  2. Is is possible to “consider others” in ways that you may not recognize as especially altruistic?

    What if we started from this point, “Don’t force others to live by your definition of good.” as the guiding principle for being considerate? This would prohibit current practices across the political spectrum – left and right.

  3. Great Post again.

    Love the video

    As far my thoughts about Michael Jackson I do feel he was a bit different.
    But some my think I am strange too, so I cannot judge, there is only one judge that matters.
    but None of us really do not know what his life was like,
    It is really unfair to bash his life, or anyone else,
    You have been very consistant about this by not taking personal shots at the Republicans in the news or others.
    It does appear to me that to those who knew him he was the most generous and loving person.

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