Table Talk (Part 1)

Earlier this week a gentleman was in the same restaurant I was in for lunch with one of his friends. He obviously didn’t see me walk right by him and sit at the next table eating my lunch. They were talking about politics. Now I was trying not to listen and eat in peace, but when he made one statement I think my expression said it all to his friend sitting with him, because he immediately looked at me and tried to shut his friend up before he said more.

Now what could he have said that caught my attention you may be wondering?

This one statement… “These Black people only voted for Obama because he’s Black.” :O

Now I work in a conservative area of town, so it’s not out of the ordinary to hear some things, but this statement said more about the way this guy thinks that he realized. Plus it demonstrates the lack of socialization he obviously has had with Black people if you make such a statement. Now I’ve heard Black people make similar statements and I’ve taken the same position with them too, so I’m not trying to beat up on anyone here, just want people to stop doing this.

Now I think he realized that the person behind him (me) was Black. Perhaps I’m not your everyday Negro J , but I’m not going to jump on your case for every stupid statement you make, especially when it comes to race. You have to understand where the person is coming from in their comments.

So I tried to get finish eating, he immediately changed his conversation and hurried up with their lunch so they can leave. What he said must have gotten to him, because as they were getting ready to go he turned and apologized to me.

Now keep in mind I haven’t said a word. I was trying to eat in peace. But I told him that it was OK. Not all Black people are the same or like what you’ve been told or see on TV. Just like I know that all White people are not alike.

I voted for Obama, not because he was Black, but because I agreed with his approach. Then I began speaking about what I could tell he knew more about, Republican politics. “I was very disappointed with what McCain allowed to go on in his campaign. I knew that wasn’t who he was, but he did little to stop it. He lost a lot of respect with many open-minded Blacks who defended him in 2000 from the same type of Karl Rove attacks the Bush team did to him with the SC Republican Primary whisper campaign about his adopted daughter. For him to revert or allow the same tactics was revealing.”

I can talk Republican politics to show that I am not one sided, despite my disagreement with much of its tactics. I try to understand and respect the other person’s views. I just wish many would do the same for Democratic politics and positions and stop bashing each other for anything and everything.


5 thoughts on “Table Talk (Part 1)

  1. OK … since the guy clearly demonstrated that he’s not ignorant, but stupid, sure makes me wonder the sincerity of his apology.

    1. He seem to be sincere, but I think he just got too wrapped up or comfortable with life as he knows it to even consider what his views said about him. Not all Black people are the same, just as not all White, Latin or Asian people are not the same. But I’m giving away some of part 2 so I’ll stop here.

  2. Now I’m sure someone will be quick to side with the statement this guy made regarding the % of Blacks who overwhelmingly voted for President Obama and still miss the point being made. I hope everyone sees the point being made, but if this happens I asked that whomever may wish to defend this statement to consider the % of all other demographic indicators too, because the point can be reversed to asked the question why a certain demographic voted for another candidate and why. So I hope no one misses the point being made in these two posts, part 1 & 2.


  3. I happen to know quite a few Liberal people (Some in my Family) who could not wait for Bush to go and said that Republicans are the cause of every problem in America and then did not vote for Obama because he was Black

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