Make Me Pure, But Not Yet

Preface – I understand that some may not immediately understand my title, but I believe some just may get what I’m saying. I will say my inspiration stems from multiple directions, mostly current.

It may appear to be a message directed to Christians, and in a way it is, but not exclusively. I do not want anyone who may not be a Christian to feel excluded by what I have to say because of some of my illustrations. I am a Christian, so I may reference the Bible or make a Biblically related illustration to emphasis a point. I do the same when it comes to other sensitive issues, in fact we all have the tendency to channel what we know or are comfortable to make a point or seek a clearer understanding.

I believe a wise Latina woman would make a better decision than any… I mean a wise person of any religious, political and even ethnicity references their experiences in comprehension and demonstration of critical issues.

During the crucifixion of Jesus, He prayed for God to forgive his accusers, because they do not know what they’re essentially doing. The lack of forgiveness we have towards each other is astounding. The mockery we make of each other when one finds themselves caught in a scandal or the public revelation of some indiscretion is amazing.

If you ask the mother of the child born out of matrimony and she can testify of the damning condemnations both vocal and silent by those who proclaim to be Christians, family or friends.

Ask the politician, and there are many to choose from, who finds themselves under the spotlight of public scrutiny and political condemnation about the justified and unjustified damnation of his/her admitted private recklessness. Many can testify that their fellow politicians and the people they represent are often quick to condemn and slow to forgive. It makes you wonder what they will say if it was them.

Ask the man who tries to be a good father to his child/children, but is constantly confronted and reminded by the woman scorned. Many continue to vilify him as a deadbeat and no good, failing to realize the nobility of his actions. He endures it because he loves his children, while being bastardized by an unforgiving society.

Please ask a minister, priest, rabbi or person of any faith who has “fallen from grace”, well the perception of grace from the people and they can tell you that forgiveness is slow and often given begrudgingly.

Let’s not forget the tragedy we all participated in at some point during our lives by our silence on an issue or situation that required our voice or witness. Those private indiscretions that have not yet become public have govern your life and progress. The shame and unforgiveness you continue to hold in your heart will eventually erode your spirit like an unchecked cancer.

We can’t make a confession as did St. Augustine and say “Lord make me pure, but not yet.” We got to learn to forgive. Not only forgive, but forgive as we want to be forgiven.

Of course forgiveness is not the only thing we need to do, but it is a start. You can begin by forgiving yourself.

We all make mistakes and make decisions that are not always in our best long-term interest. So lets stop beating ourselves up over the past and begin with accepting yourself for who you are. How can I love, forgive, consider or accept others if I haven’t did those things for myself first?

Earlier this week I asked you to forgive others and that’s still the message today, but I’m also telling you to begin with yourself before you can forgive others. Stop standing at a distance, watching things you know are wrong or not reconciling the things you know you’ve done or said that were wrong continue. We can’t say “Lord make me pure, but not yet.” You have to make up in your mind that you’re not going to sit on the sidelines anymore and stand with people when they really need it. Which is often in times of crisis, controversy and conflict.

I use to immediately go after those who verbally attack me, with an equally vicious argument. Now I will not stand by and listen to non-sense from someone, but I’ve just found it to be more effective to become a better example of considering others by working harder to consider even those who are inconsiderate. To do that I had to reconsider what I was doing and strive to do better.

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